Hello my lovelies!

It’s a season of change and birth here in my little corner of the interwebs!

As you may know (if you follow me on Facebook), my pregnacious self is now 100 percent LESS pregnacious and doubly mummy-licious as we have welcomed our second daughter into our family.


Beautiful Mermaid Daughter #2 was born last week after a fast labour. I’m so deeply grateful that she is healthy and well and here here HERE at last. It feels like an immense relief and celebration to be finished with such a difficult pregnancy (I was vomiting right up until minutes before she was born). She is stunning and precious and cuddly. And she has almond shaped eyes filled with wonder and peace. I’m so glad she’s here. Our little family of four is complete.

I’ll share her birth story soon. And more about hyperemesis gravidarum for any woman who might be going through it. For now, I’m percolating in that soft, sacred space of newborn-ness.

I’m so very grateful to the support of my midwife, acupuncturist/doula and my darling husband. And I’m grateful that Mermaid Daughter #1 is transitioning into big sisterhood with more grace than I could have imagined (she still has moments where she just wants her mama of course).

And I wanted to say thank you so very much for all your love and support during this pregnancy and birth. I am so grateful to walk this path with you.

Today I’m here to answer your questions though!

Here’s what the gorgeous goddess asked:

Is your awesomely fabulous business formula aimed at online information and subscription businesses only or does it apply easily to all businesses (for example: physical goods from a store, online and market stall)?

EXCELLENT fabulous amaze-balls question, my darling!

And the answer is a resounding, big fat YES!

My biz courses are just as much for physical products and businesses as digital ones.

In fact-a-mundo, I have had quite a lot of experience selling physical products:

  • I’ve self published THREE books (and hit the top 500 books on Amazon with my last one). I’ve made over six figures in two months with one book alone!

  • I designed t-shirts & journals.

  • I sold art in art markets (along with selling through my website, and through

  • I signed with a licensing agent.

  • I held my first solo art exhibition at 23.

  • I’ve run live retreats (both spiritual woo-woo types and biz ones!)

Some pictures to take you down memory brick lane of physical stuff I’ve made + sold


Goddess in You paintings!



Sacred crystal + goddess jewellery


Custom commission family portraits


Solo art exhibition


My first book! Adorable!


One of my tshirts!



Art prints


And yes, I have moved more and more into a digital way of life for my biz, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with selling physical products!  We all need bits and baubles and gems and journals and all the other good stuff you’ve got to sell.

Once upon a time, I was convinced that I was supposed to be doing something different with my life. I wanted my dream job. The one I’d always dreamed of. One that was artistic and soulful and creative and made me glow.

I would sit in my cubicle, and I would doodle on yellow looseleaf paper. One day, I wrote down on a piece of paper:

In the next 12 months, I want to make $30 000 doing what I love.

Then I tried to work out how I could do it by selling my art. The numbers didn’t add up. I had no idea how it was even possible.

But my heart longed for my dream so deeply that I decided I would make it happen. I got all crazy determined (like I do) & decided I was gunna find out the secret…

the secret of becoming a Business Goddess.

And so I DID.

That year, I made $30 000. The next year I doubled it. The next year I doubled it again.

And I’ve doubled and tripled my business every single year since – whether in the physical or digital world (it’s all the same stuff!)

And now we’re at close to a million dollars a year which totally takes my breath away.

Because here’s the thing, pandas—

Good business and marketing ideas apply to ANY business!goodbizprinciples

I want to encourage you not to look at your biz through any kind of limiting lens like—I just have a physical business or I just have a digital business.

If you limit your vision of your business, darlinghearts, you’re limiting your business.

And one of the biggest things I know about running a business is that you’ve got to keep your mind and your heart open to different Prosperity Possibilities.

Invite in more Prosperity Possibilities Into Your Business!

Prosperity Possibilities are different income streams in your business, and just like lots of little streams come together to form big rivers, so your different big and little prosperity possibilities come together to create your 6 figure dream biz.

Prosperity Possibilities are all the different ways you can use your gifts to receive abundance, prosperity and divine dobleros into your life. If I had limited my vision to only selling my art, I never would have made my dream goals come true. So, maybe you can:

  • Run an physical art/jewelry/fashion gallery and also sell your goodies online.
  • Are a photographer in the physical world and sell prints online.
  • Are a photographer in the physical world and sell ebooks or courses on taking better photos online.
  • Practice Reiki, acupuncture, massage or another healing art in the physical world and sell audio meditations and self-healing courses online.
  • Help people get into shape, get their life in order, or get back to health in person, and want to branch out into Skype coaching or write your first book.

These are all amazing possibilities and you don’t want to tell the universe NO to them by thinking you “just” have a physical business.

Our gorgeous questioner got it right on the nose when she mentioned many different ways to sell—physical goods from a store, online store, and market stalls. All good!  All valuable!  All fabuloso Prosperity Possibilities!

Of course, running a physical business IS different than having an all-digital biz.

So I would love to gift you with some of my fave tips for physical, local businesses. These tips are awesomesauce whether you have a shop, an office, or a hybrid biz both online and in the physical realm.

Leonie’s Top 10 Physical Biz Marketing Tip-er-oos:

1 >> Make the most of your signage

If I had a local business, I would use the glass front as a big ‘ole signboard and write what’s inside the store, daily specials, who the store is for…
I would have signs inside educating people on why the business is special. Who it serves. I would have written testimonials and photos on the walls. I would have little cards on products. I would be using signs continuously to advertise who the shop is for, what you offer, how you can help people, and which product is for whom!

2 >> Create events related to your offerings

Create free or cheap nights where you demo products, give samples, do book readings, teach short courses… with everything optimised to sell a product or a program. This actually works whether you have a physical thing to sell or a digital download!

3 >> Leverage referral programs

Ask everyone who buys from you to tell people about you, give them extra flyers and business cards to hand out (even with a 10% discount). You can even tell people that if they get people to come to you, you’ll give them a free session/discount for every five customers or whatever. Get people yapping! EXCELLENT for art markets and such. Give ’em a bag to put all their other freebies in and they’ll love you forever.

4 >> Ask away!

ASK your people what they want to see in your store!

Listen to them, work out what they are struggling with, talk about how you can help. In a real-world sitch, you have the ENORMOUS advantage of being able to talk to your customers face-to-face!

5 >> Book ’em back in!

If you are offering a service, invite them to book in another session at the end of the session and tell them what you’d work on next time, or what regularity you recommend for them. Good—no, GREAT—for coaches, healers, any and all service goddesses.

6 >> Upsell upsell upsell

Upsell either on complementary products (i.e. if they buy crystals they might want to buy a pouch for them or a necklace holder for them) or ask if they’ve gotten presents for upcoming events (i.e. Christmas) – you could even say “If you want to get them now I can give you 10% off.”

7 >> Cross-promotion central

Can you do a joint venture with a symbiotic local store where customers are similar and might be interested in each other? Can you cross-promote each other with vouchers?  For example, a yoga studio might pair up with a local herbalist to talk about complementary healing. A massage therapist could offer discounts to members of a local gym.


8 >> Grow your business muscles

Brainstorm with other business owners and help them come up with promotions and ideas for THEIR businesses… it will help you learn to apply marketing principles to your own business and you’ll see some amazing results… EVERYONE has great business ideas when they practice!

9 >> Be as popular as Katy Perry

Look at what your most popular product/service is.How can you replicate that? increase sales on it? get in similar products/services?

10 >> Who’s that girl? It’s JESS! No, it’s your target market!

This is the most important – really, really, REALLY know WHO you are selling to…Who is your target market? Think about WHERE they are hanging out already and how YOU can get them into your business… know what problems you solve for them and COMMUNICATE THAT in everything you do…

Of course, even if you are a local business, you NEED to get your online business stuff worked out, too.

  • Can I Google you easily by name?
  • What if I was just googling for your service/product + location?
  • Do you have a website with great photos and lists of what you provide with opening hours and contact details and how you can help?
  • Do you have social media set up?
  • Encourage people to post reviews and photos of your product.
  • Start taking a photo of one thing every day that you have on offer or that your target market would find useful and post it to Instagram, Facebook and other social media.
    Hashtag it with your location and descriptors of your business.

Most importantly my physical biz goddesses:


Don’t dance with discouragement.

You have to stay motivated, enthused and have an open mind instead of always saying “that’ll never work for me… that doesn’t apply to my industry… I’m at the whim of the local market…”

Those kinds of sayings limit business growth, not open it.

How to get the most out of these tips (instead of, you know, just reading it and DOING NOTHING with them!)


Take the time to actually PRINT THEM OUT.

And then get a pen… and start brainstorming ACTIONABLES you can do with YOUR business right now to start seeing results.

Remember: information is worth diddly squat unless you actually DO something with it.

Get in the habit of implementing every single day, and you WILL see positive growth in your business.

Found these tips helpful?

Please share ’em along. May everyone in the world know that they CAN make a change, and see a difference in their lives and businesses.

With love and kindness,