Hola gorgeous Goddesses,

Thank you for all your emails asking if I’m okay. I am.

My beautiful country of Australia is undergoing a huge transformation by fire. These fires are centred in Victoria, a few hundred kilometres from here. Australia is a land of regeneration and transformation. Our whole ecological system requires bushfires for many native plants to bloom and seed. Bushfires are a part of our life, our land, our seasons, our cycles.

A week ago, my love & I were standing in the garden at sunset as we do, watching the sunflowers grow. Up on the hill we watched the lights turn on in houses, one by one, street by street. And then we saw a thin plume of smoke, which quickly turned thicker, and then black. I called emergency, for the first time in my life. We watched as a house burned to the ground on the hill. Our skin prickled. It felt like transformation. It felt big and deep. It felt like Goddess Kali dancing her dance of destruction in the suburbs.

Two days later, I walked the mountain to see the house. Across the street, there stood a soft old crone. She told me softly she was glad the house was gone, how the energy of the street was better now the occupants were gone. How she was safer now. It felt like there was a reason Goddess Kali chose that home to dance through.

Sometimes its easy to understand why Great Spirit works as it does.

Sometimes it is not. I don’t know why so many people and animal souls are being called home through fire right now, just that they are. I don’t know why so much has been transformed.

What I do know is the best I can do is have faith, trust, pray, send love, send energy and give thanks. And the best I can also do is to not worry, not watch too much TV about it, and not get embroiled in it. In the present moment, all is well in my soul, and all around me. It doesn’t gift this world for me to worry about it. It gifts this world for me to come from a place of joy and peace, and give positive, shifting, meaningful energy.

I donate.

I pray.

And I live, love and give as passionately, positively and joyously as I can.

That’s the best we can do in this world.

If you are called to contribute energy in a positive way to uplift, one of the best ways is to give money-energy to helping people souls through the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal, or animal souls through RSPCA Victoria. They will help in the process of supporting, healing, nurturing and uplifting all those souls who’ve been touched by this big transformation.

And if you’re not called, that is perfect too. It’s all about following the call of our spirits, and living our most beautiful, empowered, joyful, precious lives.

Biiiiiiiggest hugs,

P.S. You are so loved.