Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s Sunday… so that means Creative Goddess Sunday!
{when I remember to/am not otherwise mermaid-ing it up in the closest pool}.

Actually, I managed to mermaid it up today in mermaid twinny Kaylia‘s new pool… but managed to get home in time to share some Creative Goddess goodnesses with you.

On Creative Goddess Sundays I get to share with you some of my creations, and you of course can share yours in the Comments Circle if you’re called. Ok? Hurrah! 🙂

I wanted to share a little something different with you today… an engagement/wedding Soul Story custom artwork. I so love doing these! This was created for my darling friend Sonya and her heart-man, Ben. I feel like you guys KNOW Sone as I’ve blogged about her so much. I blogged the weekend we met at my inner marriage ceremony in two parts. I’ve blogged about our magical weekends together. I’ve blogged about us meeting Louise Hay. I’ve blogged about manifesting trips to see Sone. I’ve blogged on her birthday. She’s been a muse for me. She’s my right hand goddess at my retreats. She’s a dear friend to me and my love. And she’s Charlie the Happy Healer Dog’s One True & Deep Soul Love Mate. (It’s true. It’s just a little bit bizarre how much he is obsessively adoring of her).

And I blogged about meeting Sone’s true love for the first time.

Late last year, my love & I drove to Sydney to watch her marry her true love.

So I painted her a Soul Love Story artwork. To make art and words that celebrate all Sone is, and the amazing love she shares with her Ben.

I’m so joyful to share this with you… the art and words and photos and memories and love…
you’ve been along on the Soul Story of meeting and loving Sone, and then meeting and loving Ben…
and it just feels ridinkulously complete and precious that I can share this art & new part of the soul love story with you. 🙂

Life is one big, juicy miracle.

Wishing you one big, juicy day, Goddesses!