flags at the festival, today.

had a wonderful saturday morning.
went to the national multicultural food festival in the city centre with chris
it was such a lovely atmosphere ~ rainbow flags flapping in the breeze,
the mall filled with people ~ so diverse and beautiful
so many cultures, so many parts of Canberra community revealed ~
hippies and yuppies combining…

there was stalls upon stalls lining the streets, each one from a different cultural group
ate some scrumptious food ~
indian lentil curry puffs
tibetan meat dumplings
argentinian churros donuts
polish sweets ~ boiled plum slice and poppy seed rolls.

found myself the most divine letter opener ~
i’ve been looking for the *perfect* one to honour the snail love i receive
and today i found it for $5 in a Chilean jewellery stall
it has the most beautiful pink stone in the end

we left with full stomachs and happy hearts
on the way home i convinced chris to take a detour to my most favourite bookstore ~
the Heirophant bookstore.
not because i wanted anything in particular, but just because going there is like connecting to a deeper consciousness. i feel at home there.
as luck would have it, i happened upon a stone that spoke to me
how could it not?
as i paid for it at the counter ~ the woman laughed saying ~
“it’s really your colour isn’t it?”
I looked down at myself ~ soft blue dreamcatcher earrings, deep blue necklace,
an azure blue hippy top, blue jeans and two large turquoise rings.
i can’t help it really 😉
blue calls my name sweetly, strongly
it is the colour which pulls me back to it again and again
it is the colour i live with, the one that i would dream in if i could.
azure turquoise vibrant blue.

my new stone sits on the (blue) windowsill above my writing desk now.

which is where i will return to now…
to touch it… slide my fingers along the smooth wood of the letter opener, play over the stone end,
peer out the window at the bright blue sky
write my book.

Infintismible beauties in this day.


PS ~ You’re most welcome jen 🙂