i’m humming because as the darkness seeped into the suburbs and i sit by the window,
someone is playing opera.
opera in the suburbs. dogs occasionally bark to it.

i’m humming because it is friday night. and all that calls me for the next two days and three nights is my partner, my dog, my red couch, my book. bliss.

i’m humming because i wrote one of my best friends a letter on mermaid paper, because i had so many blessings to tell her about i keep wanting to reopen the envelope to add more.

i’m humming because last night coming home from the city on the bus, me and my bus friends Paris and Rob widened our circle of public transport love. i took out my goddess cards, my SARK cards, my angel cards… and we passed them around. to the middle aged middle eastern bloke sitting beside paris. to the woman with bright pink lipstick behind us who smiled widely. and to the sweet old man who told me that the cards had made his day. i’m humming because it is so easy to allow magic enter our lives when we make room for it.

i’m humming because i just spent some deliriously happy hours writing my book.
at sunset, at my writing desk, my partner only a step away, but both of us in other worlds.
i go to sit outside, watch the golden light fade
wearing only a singlet, the wind races through me
i close my eyes and i feel as though the wind is blowing me away
like particles of sand slipping into the air
i breathe
i am one
i feel