Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

If you’ve been trying to book Goddess Guidance sessions with me lately, ya know it’s kinda difficult. My baby pink diary is getting all filled up with my blue and purple spirally writing, filling each day with the names of precious goddesses for sessions. It’s getting a bit out of control. In a good way. A glorious way. But I’m can’t get to all the goddesses who want to speak with me.

So Goddess Guidance sessions are going up, so I can devote more time to them… and to helping more goddesses discover and *be* that amazing, wise, creative, joyful Goddess inside them.

Single sessions are going up from $73 to $99.
A four session package is going up from $221 to $337.

But I adore you. And I’m grateful for my bloggy readers.

So what I want to offer is this:

For the next four days until Sunday night, you can buy sessions at the old price, and use them whenever you like and need over the next six months. It’s just like sacred saving for the future.

Want to know more, book in and find out what other Goddesses say about their sessions with me and how much it’s helped them?

Over to my Goddess Guidance page here, possum.

Yay! So glad to be doing this amazing, shining work with you all.