Hola gorgeous Goddesses,

I hope you are all having a splendiforous weekend. I’m thinking of you all, as I sit here a-tap-tap-tapping on my laptop, Charlie pup curled up beneath my elbow on a lazy Saturday night, my sweetie beside me, Angel already curled up in bed (she’s an early piker, that one. Just like her mama.)

I’m a-tapping away to you on a mission… to ask for your help and advice on behalf of another goddess.

A dear Goddess recently wrote to me.

Her partner and her have recently broken up. 

She wanted to ask if I had any thoughts on how to cope with this massive life-changing as a Goddess.

She’s in all sorts of pain, grief, sadness and change. She’s had to move back home to her country, and is finding the whole experience heart-breaking.

My first thought: Holy dinger. That’s just so very, very hard. That’s big ol major life transformation and heart-hugeness all in one. A huge soul journey to be on. My heart goes out to her, the darling. And also: I really, really believe in her.

And my second thought: you know what?

There’s a whole tribe of beautiful, wise goddesses out there who have a whole richness of experience and wisdom and perspectives and advice that could help this Goddess. Help her to heal her heart and feel loved, safe and true again.

So, let’s pretend we’re all sitting in a women’s circle.

And one of your circle sisters asks this.

What would you say to her? Do you have a story to share, advice on healing, guidance, or just love to share? Maybe you’ve gone through a hard break-up before. Maybe you’ve supported someone going through one. Maybe you want to share your support and intuitive words as a Goddess sister. Whatever you feel called to share is just so perfect.

How, as a Goddess, can we survive, thrive and shine through break-ups?

I’d be so honoured to hear your words. And I’m sure our Goddess sister will be so deeply touched too.

Share your words in the Comments Circle… let’s create a tapestry of wisdom.

I’m so grateful to you. And in awe of the power and connection of us as women (and Goddesses).

Ginormous angel hugs and love,