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Hi kittens!

Exciting news!

I’m running a new FREE online training specifically for Wellpreneurs.

This is perfect for you if you deliver any face-to-face health services including:

  • acupuncture
  • yoga or pilates instructor
  • health coach
  • massage therapist
  • naturopath
  • intuitive healer/kinesiologist.

In this fabulous training, you will learn:

  • The Big 35 Marketing DON’TS you’re probably doing right now that you need to STOP ASAP because they are damaging your business and income!
  • The Mindset Mistakes that wellpreneurs, creatives & earth angels need to heal in order to fulfill their soul’s purpose.
  • Easy, simple, fast ways to turn your cash flow around.

and… the checklist you want to make sure you’re doing the exact opposite of!

  • The Ultimate Failure Checklist: Exactly What You Need To Do If You Want Your Wellness Business To Make You Broke & Burnt Out!

Grab your free training here!


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P.S. A few months back I was invited to be the keynote speaker at Wellness Hubs Canberra… teaching a room full of wellness peeps. And instead of just talking about general business stuff, I thought it would be heck funny to give them the ultimate failure checklist of how to make sure they didn’t get enough cashycashola from their business… so they would know when they were doing something that was messing them up!


It ended up being so well received and I got such great feedback from it (and had so much bloody fun!) that I thought it would be good to share it with ya’ll… thus this free training!


Be warned: this is NOT your usual business training… you will laugh, I will swear… it will leave you changing the way you do business!

Sign up for your free ticket here!



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