Last week I opened up the doors for any questions that Goddesses out there might want to ask… here’s those questions & answers, as well as a link to an interview I did recently 🙂 So much joy!

First question from Heather…
How did you arrive where you’re at in your spiritual beliefs and practices?

Great question 🙂  I regard myself as a spiritual smorgasboard-ist – I take practices, beliefs, ceremonies and ways of thought from a range of traditional and non-traditional religions including the New Age movement, the ancient Goddess and Celtic traditions, Buddhism, Jaianism and Earth-based spirituality as held by Native Americans, Australian Aboriginals and Pagan cultures.

Basically, I take what parts sing to me and let go of the rest. If it doesn’t make sense to my soul, it isn’t a part of my religion.

I went to see the Dalai Lama speak a year ago, and one of my favourite things he said was “Too many people follow their parent’s religion just because they think they should, even when they are not passionate about it. Find something you are passionate about. There are six billion of us, and there are six billion paths to God.”

I think that sums up my spiritual beliefs – for me to be the best, most vibrant, happy and shining Leonie-ist I can be.

“It’s just simple. Be Happy.”
– Australian Aboriginal elder

Some of my favourite books…

What books do you recommend?

I love love love recommending books 🙂
So much so, I’ve set up a Amazon store. To check out all my book & oracle card recommendations, visit:

One of our group creations from a Creative Goddess circle…

Were you raised a particular faith or did you discover yours on your own?

I was baptised in an Anglican church, but apart from that my parents were fairly unreligious in that sense. Growing up on a farm in a beautiful piece of the world, our family religion was really the earth – we were surrounded by animals and sunsets and mountains and rivers and heavenly sky. That today still informs a huge part of my spiritual beliefs and soul’s home.

My mum always said to me “You can choose what you believe in.” So I did. I’ve had spiritual mentors of all types along the way – humans, animals, angels and books. My parents are quite accepting of where I’m at now, and I try to hippy-fy them as much as I can. Mama is now a huge Louise Hay fan, and I’m still working on my Dad. I am very open about my spirituality and love to tell my Dad how I’m going to set up a big hippy commune with tipis on his farm so women can come and beat drums and howl at the moon and connect with their goddess inside. He’s not sure if I’m joking. I’m not 🙂 I like to be a walking teacher wherever I go… whether it’s in my workshops or in my family or at work. I believe that by being open about my spirituality, others will have the courage to explore their own beliefs too.

One of my daily work hazards… a puppeh who just wants cuddles 🙂

Another gorgeous question… this time from Rose…

“I had to ask u…do u ever have times where u are in a creative slump or can u always create? I have not been able to make any art in awhile due to life problems so my mind is not clear. I feel too afraid to sit back down with my paintbrush… so I figured u would be the perfect person to ask…what do u do when u are not in the mindset to create? Visualization, meditation? Or just wait..?”

I go where the flow of energy takes me. Sometimes its time to create, sometimes its time to heal, sometimes its time to laugh and sit and just be.

Be conscious about what’s happening for you – are you in healing or being time? Or are you being stopped by the fear about creating? Do you have fear of losing your creative gifts, or do you have fear about what you might uncover through creating?

If you feel you should create out of a sense of obligation, my recommendation is not create. Allow for times of creative hibernation while your spirit is in different cycles.
If you feel you have fear about creating, my recommendation is to create. Creating can heal. Start small. A collage here, a splash of paint on office paper there.

Let me know how you go… I’m wishing you good energy and good times, Rose!

Creativity all wrapped up… packages & art orders to go out last week 🙂
{Remember November 15 is the last day to get in your Xmas orders for custom art}

And the gorgeous Lisa Clark recently interviewed me at Pink World! Pop over there and leave her some love 🙂

Wishing you a gorgeous shining day ~~~