This is one my latest Soul Story custom artworks… this one for the Goddess Jule, who I met at my Day of Delight retreat a couple of months ago.

Jule is a gifted artist, intuitive, healer & mermaid soul, and is also an amazing mama to her incredible daughter Molly {Hi Mol! Love you special girl!}

I wanted to create an artwork to remind Jule of her beauty & her gifts… for her to remember and know just was a sacred & joy-filled treasure she IS! 🙂

I loved what Jule said about her Soul Story too…

I knew about your fabulous pictures but what a star you are with words.’s going straight into the studio to inspire me! Thank you again so much, I shall be pondering each phrase and enjoying it like a lindt chocolate ball…”

Lindt chocolate balls are my *favourite* so it was the most delicious thing to hear 🙂  I heart you Jule, and BELIEVE in you… go for it goddess! shine your light for all the world to see 🙂

To order your own Soul Story, or ones to celebrate your kindred, go to my Custom art page. And remember, get your orders in for Christmas by November 15.

Wishing you a mermaidish day 🙂

Lots of bright shining love ~~~