My desk, covered in art and tea and brushes and flowers and crystals and pens.

It has been the most gorgeous and busy weekend here at the cottage. I’m so busy painting and packaging Custom art orders for Christmas, as well as making gifties to go out for the Creative Goddess e-course goddesses, that I’ve enlisted the help of two gorgeous elves… my hunky-wise-man-love Chris and fairly-unproductive-but-utterly-adorable Charlie.

Here’s some quick snaps we took yesterday to send out as a love postcard to the world 🙂

Chief Elf-Helper, Chris, gift wrapping some Soul Story art for me.
*happy sigh*

One to make you smile : Chris took this one of my birthday sunflowers. Sunflowers always seem to me to be smiling 🙂

Excuse me while I run out my adorableness.
If Charlie was an elf, he wouldn’t do any work, he’d just run around making all the other elves happy.

{Please note Ellie the Elephant he’s running past. I found her in a gardening store a couple of weeks ago, and feel deeply, deeply, deeply in love with her}

More birthday flowers. More photos by Chief Elf Chris, who makes my heart sing.

Me and my hair twin Charlie. We die our hair to make sure we are matching at all times. (just kidding! 🙂
Ok gorgeouses… back to work! There is a pile of art and ideas and creative goddess course dreamings calling for my attention.

Oh! 7 more days (until Dec 1) to sign up for the Creative Goddess e-course & circle to get your extra Creative Goddess treat in the mail for Christmas. I just made ADORABLE (even if I do say so myself!) address labels to use for them. Okay, Chief Elf Helper needs more packages to wrap!

Big big hugs and cuddly rainy elf weekends to you 🙂