A couple of weeks ago, I ran an amazing and precious half day Creative Goddess workshop here in Canberra, that I wrote about here. The gorgeous goddess Jackie took these photos of our sublime, sacred, sweet afternoon together.

Seeing all our glowing artworks after:
A thousand stories, dreams, miracles made real.

I wonder if these photographs can show the beauty… the tenderness… the magic… the sound of hearts blossoming… and souls connecting…

I love that one of the women said to me a week later:
“I’ve gone to the art store to get my first art supplies…
and I can’t stop making art. I just love it!
I haven’t felt like this since I was creating in high school.”

I so love that the Creative Goddess inside her has been re-awakened and is dancing with delight!

I loved what one of the Goddesses said there:
“I can’t stop looking at my painting.
I’m in love with it and what it means
It’s like my whole story is on there.
My whole journey to get to loving myself.”

There was laughter, and there was sunshine, and there was magic in the air.

There was nine goddesses in our gorgeous circle, including two 5yo goddesses-in-the-making. I heart seeing their faces shine as they realise…
yes, they can do anything
they want
in this whole wide beautiful world.

They can make
and art
wherever they go.

I hope we can all remember this…

Paint on hands & magic in the air, with love,

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