Lately I’ve been really feeling the pull from my inner child to do more creative projects just for the glorious fun of it.

One thing I’ve become slightly addicted to is painting plant pots and statues.

Some are old ones of ours that we’ve been lugging around the countryside since time immemorial. I’ve also dug some old ones out of the garden that were left here by the previous owners.

Somebody asked what kind of paints and varnishes on them.

The answer is: cheap student acrylics. I am lazy and cheap and am totally fine if these fade or chip… it will just add to the character. I DID find some ancient marbling glaze however so I might chuck that on a pot and see if I like it.

My cute kids have been painting everything in sight, including an old fountain and chairs. I love it… makes me so damn happy!

They also started painting a statue they found in the garden, but then lost interest:

So I decided to finish her up. Please note she has moveable GOOGLY EYES. My husband bought a bulk pack a while ago, and my kids glued them to everything, and I think it was the wisest investment we’ve ever made.

Here’s her now:


Totally want to encourage you to get colourful and crazy with your garden… when in doubt, remember the sacred motto: THE BONKERS THE BETTER!

Big love and paint-stained clothes, 

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