Hola gorgeous goddesses,

Last night, I was laying awake in bed & suddenly had a vision… of a dream I desperately want to happen.

I had a vision of me & one of my assistants sitting in a big room with huge big pieces of paper & rainbow coloured markers… drawing and planning out these huge big dreams of mine for what I want to share with the world… mapping out how to make it happen!!!!

And how perfect it would be: me with my wild right brained gift of brainstorming dreams so big & bright they light up the sky.

And having my assistant there – who has a much more left brained wired way of seeing it & being able to create support & systems around them to help them be born.

And the first thought was:

“oh no, that’s not going to happen… way too wild!”


You see, Marissa & I have been working together for three years.

And I’ve never, ever met her.

She lives half a world away in the US, I live in tropical paradise Australia.

And the idea of her being here to brainstorm with me?

To my brain:



But then… oh then, the holy second thought:

“but what if it IS possible? how can we make it happen?”

And just like that, the game changed.

I stayed awake, wedged between the two souls I love, staring into the glittering darkness… dreaming up ways it could come true.

And I woke up this morning & told my love “I had this big dream last night… and before you say no, I’m letting you know I absolutely believe in it. I’m going to make it happen. And it’s okay if you don’t know how right now, because I know I can.”

And he just laughed, and said “Okay. Do what you need to do!”


Six hours later, it was done.

An email to my assistant.

And then:

the holy yes!

She is going to be flying over here to Australia to stay with us for ten days in the next month or two!

Plus :: mango frappes, sitting in the sunshine, showing her around this incredible land I live in, having a big HUGE DREAM RETREAT with her!!!!!


Where there is a dream, there is a way.

Oh I am soooo teary… this has really touched my heart and spirit in so many ways…

Amazed & excited that I’ll be meeting my amazing assistant in the next month or two… For a big ole huggle fest & brainstorming wonderland session!!! Big wild dreams really CAN be brought to life!!!!!!


I just wanted to say:

Instead of just listening to that first thought of:
it’s impossible.

What if you say instead:
how can we make it happen?

There’s a whole world of difference in there.

A world where dreams come true.


P.S. Working on my 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook + calendar. Making my dreams come true. What about you?