Start DIVING into your 2012 workbooks!!!!



Usually, I’m a-posting like a blogging goddess during celebration season… this year though, my hands have given up working & taken a holiday of their own. (Bless our bodies… they always take us where we need to go!)

Usually I’m posting about my own process of working through the 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook (just like I did last year. And the year before.)

But this time around, all me & my hands have been doing is reading a whole lot of refuelling, restoring & recharging :: in the form of chick lit novels, romantic comedy movies & a whole lotta sweet family time with our lil family of five.

I have been seeing other goddesses blogging & instagramming about it though… I know I’ve missed a bucketload, but here’s some:

I feel like I’ve needed all this time just to replenish my energy and gather my source again…

ready to blaze a beautiful trail in 2012.

Some of my gorgeous girlfriends are planning a soiree of intention setting together :: mango frappes, foot massages & doing our workbooks together.

(N.B. If you are wanting to come along, let me know! It will be in Cannonvale in the next week or two! <3)

I’m such a HUGE believer in these workbooks…

I totally believe & know what happens when you dream your big dreams, write them down & make them happen!!!

It’s definitely changed my life in so very many ways…


If you’re on the fence about grabbing a workbook…


Over the last three years, thousands of women have used this workbook with the most amazing results. It’s the best planning tool available to help you make 2012 an absolutely incredible year!

It’s filled with over 100 pages of worksheets & a printable calendar to help you dream, manifest, set your intentions, plan & cultivate your amazing new year. The workbook has been lovingly handwritten & rainbow illustrated… perfect for you to print out, soak up the rainbow colours of & get thoroughly inspired by!

You’ll get clarity on what you need 2012 to be. What you want to create during it. And most importantly, how to make it happen.



Dream, plan & create your incredible 2012…

What you’ll get in the kit!


  • A monthly calendar
  • A daily planner template you can print each day you need it.
  • Creating affirmations for your new year
  • Creating a list of things to do when everything sucks
  • Divine art therapy techniques to help you work out what works in your schedule & what doesn’t
  • Creative projects to help you dream bigger
  • Making a powerful theme for your year
  • Making new year habits that sustain, nourish & inspire you
  • Loads of reflective, soulful questions to help you get clarity, joy & healing
  • Collecting tools to help you whenever you need extra support during your year
  • Making gorgeous goals in every part of your goddess life
  • How to make those gorgeous goals actually happen & make your big dreams become true.

The Workbook will guide you through the two parts of creating your year of inspiring…

Dreaming big dreams and actually making them happen!


Why is it SO important to set your goals?


When we don’t get clarity around where we’ve been and where we want to go, we get stuck in the same old place & same old routine.

We need to spend time dreaming up our vision.

We need to let go of all the old past stuff & be grateful for it so we can move onwards.

We need delicious, probing questions to help us get to the soul of what it is we need.

We need support systems to help us make it happen.


This process of setting goals & dreaming big? Without a doubt, it can change our lives through & through.


The 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook is loaded with powerful tools to make it all happen for you.


Who the workbook is for…


  • creative souls
  • business goddesses
  • mama goddesses
  • women wanting to create a really beautiful 2012 for themselves
  • a wonderful gift for mamas, daughters, sisters & soul sisters (yes you can gift it!)



“I have recently discovered your site and purchased the 2011 year planner and wow I am a changed woman. I have gone from lost and not remembering who I am to an emerging goddess with a new sparkle in my eyes and a glow about me. I’m getting compliments from friends that I’ve got a spark about me again. I’ve taken up painting and loving every second of it.”
~ Goddess Jen


“I loved the 2010 workbook, it really helped me focus on some important goals and changes that I was making in my life. It became my safe port in many storms throughout 2010 and kept me beautifully motivated and on track with making things happen. I can honestly say that I am ending this year in a much better place than I was at the same time last year and I attribute a lot of that to the powerful tool that is the 2010 Workbook. I have big plans for 2011 and can’t wait to begin it with the 2011 workbook!”
~ Caitlin Mowbray,


“I just have to write and tell you how amazing your Creating your Goddess Year Workbook & Planner is. I always seem to suffer just a teens-eensy bit of the holiday blues after Christmas. You know, all the decorating, planning, wrapping, baking … and then the family goes back home and all my holiday spirit seems to quickly fade away. But yesterday I bought and downloaded your workbook and it so very lifted my spirits. I especially liked the part where I worked on celebrating my accomplishments and events of 2009. That wasn’t a downer at all! Your incredible workbook is really helping me making the transition from 2009 to 2010 a celebration. Writing doesn’t come easy for me, but your prompts and ideas and suggestions have really opened me up, and my thoughts, ideas and goals just seem to be streaming out of my pen. Thank you so much!


“I also purchased the Goddess Guidebook and I’m loving it! I’m really not the new age, goddessy type, but this ebook rocks!”


“Thank you for making this beautiful workbook! I knew I needed to do something to wrap up 2009 without knowing quite what it was, until I saw your beautiful guidebook!”


“Its so beautiful and inspiring! You are so beautiful and inspiring!! This is so perfect, and ah-mazing timing! Thank you so much for all you are and all that you do!! ”


“It’s so beautiful! This has to be the Goddess MUST HAVE for the New Year….”


“You help people change their lives.”



How is it different from the 2010 & 2011 Workbooks?

The calendar & workbook are sparklingly brand new! You can use this year’s set by itself, or pull out last year’s set and use them together. Awooooo! Chock full o’ goddess delicousness!

It’s also got lots of glorious new pages along with updated pages!

I don’t have a Paypal account. How do I pay?

You can pay just with a credit or debit card without having a Paypal account. When you get to the screen that asks you to sign in with your Paypal account, just look on the left hand side of the screen where it says to Click here to use credit or debit card.

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Happy New Year my loves.

Yesterday, my daughter & I went for a spontaneous sunset walk & ended up at our lil town’s statue of Goddess Persephone… where we gave her flowers & asked for all beings to have a beautiful, blessed new year.

May your year be absolutely exceptional, dearest heart. You absolutely deserve it.

all my love,