Hey gorgeous goddesses,

I’m not gunna lie. This week has been a big one. When I say big, I mean sucky, as in: “I-suck-donkeys-balls.” Yes, I just went there.

It’s been a cosmic, mundane combination of weird stuff happening and other stuff going wrong, and Leonie getting cranky, tired, burst-into-tears-ish, all mixed in with Transformation Cycle (those 40 days leading up to your birthing day that tends to bring with it a whole bundle of old karmic crap to be dealt with). Oof.

My dear friend Sone & I joked that we would call it the “Week of WTF!”

I’m really, really ready for it this week to be complete.

And I’m really, really ready to get back to smooth, happy sailing aboard the Good Ship Goddess.

So I’m gunna cheer myself up… by collecting some Gems of Joy in a soft basket. I’d love for you to add your own gems that have brought you solace & goodness.

Remember the Night Rainbow

A darling friend sent this one out this morning, from a children’s book. Utter perfection.

If tomorrow morning the sky falls… have clouds for breakfast.
If night falls… use stars for streetlights.
If the moon gets stuck in a tree… cover the hole in the sky with a strawberry.
If you have butterflies in your stomach… ask them into your heart.
If your heart catches in your throat… ask a bird how she sings.
If the birds forget their songs… listen to a pebble instead.
If you lose a memory… embroider a new one to take its place.
If you lose the key… throw away the house.
If the clock stops… use your own hands to tell time.
If the light goes out… wear it around your neck and go dancing.
If the bus doesn’t come… catch a fast cloud.
If it’s the last dance… dance backwards.
If you find your socks don’t match…. stand in a flowerbed.
If your shoes don’t fit… give them to the fish in the pond.
If your horse needs shoes… let him use his wings.
If the sun never shines again… hold fireflies in your hands to keep warm.
If you’re afraid of the dark… remember the night rainbow.
If there is no happy ending… make one out of cookie dough.
– Cooper Edens

Do The Dance

My love found this this morning… a reminder that healing can happen… that music and dance and art can be the healing-bringers…

Art Every Day

I always want to participate in Art Every Day Challenge in November – or Nanowrimo. Alas, November is my sacred month of birthing days (both my love & I) and I know it’s not the right time to be trying to push stuff out into the world while I’m in the throes of transformation and then celebration.

Still, I can feel these surges of creativity coming up inside me… hankering for a new project.

I’m really excited about my darling friend Leah creating the Art Every Day Month Survival Guide

hmmmmmm….. what shall I create next?

Nothing makes me happier than thinking about my next project :).

Photos of Love

I’ve been editing photos from a beautiful maternity session with the precious Goddess Kristin & her lovely husby.

Two so in love + growing a new little soul + surrounded by nature = good for the soul.

(Full post to come soon)

Your gems?

What brings you solace & joy, dearest?