there’s nothing like trying to get out of a hammock to make you get your giggles on.

other things that made me get my giggles on this weekend were making potent goon punch with andrea, the fields in the soft autumn light and playing goddess photoshoots in a golf course.

i’ve been getting my paint on all day in the studio. i am looking forward to my lover coming home, greeting him with a warm kiss, and making gado gado with homecooked peanut sauce.

today i dream of loving bedsheets and gardens growing from my head, of fairies on unicorns {no, truly} and women standing in their power.

when the www becomes wild, wonderful and whimsical ~

i think elaine from ancient design is a magical fairygrandmother
i believe mati rose to be very, very cool
the delicate, tender, beautiful humanity of trevor is so beautiful to see
josephine wall wallpaper makes dreams in my computers mind
i hum under my breath beautiful chants & invocations
i drink in cries and whispers of the creative life
and somedays, i crack myself up.