and in the car riding high on the ridge towards the sunset, i share my truth
about how my heart feels a bit broken sometimes
and how sometimes i don’t trust and i don’t feel steady
and he speaks about my healing and his healing and our healing
and it is the most precious thing.
{this sweet broken heart of mine trusts enough to grow seedlings of wings}

it is the stepping forward into our new selves,
it is learning all over again how to love freely,
and it is the sweet power of knowing i trust enough to say my words,
for them to be heard,
and for the relationSHIP to sail steadily forth, not rocked by emotion or fear.

hello, blue yonder seas,
i embark upon you, i dream upon you
and on our ship flies the taunt flowing sails of our hearts.

this is the stuff that romantic movies aren’t made out of ~
they are glossy and shiny and easy
when the real stuff is gritty, and is sometimes stumbling towards the light, groping in the dark, holding you and holding me as best we can.


{five years on saturday, and i am still learning the kaleidescope of ways i can fall for him, and love him, and love me.}