Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s that time again… for a goddess giveaway!

A few months ago, I released the Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit, with the intention to help goddesses get to sleep easier & have dreams that inspired & healed them.

And it was so beautiful to create it… but the most precious thing of all? The thing that makes it incredibly worth it?

Every week, I get an email from a goddess who feels like her life has been changed from the kit. There are goddesses who’ve been in awful car accidents who had their first full night’s sleep the first night they listened to my meditation. Women who’ve been incredibly drained insomniacs that started falling asleep quicker and quicker with the meditation until they would just hear my voice and fall asleep. Shining souls who email me just to let me know they listen to it every single night as a place of soul-comfort and kindness as they drift to sleep. Precious women who work amazingly hard, and use my meditation as a much-needed lunchtime nap-replenishment time.

It’s beyond beautiful. I get teary, and then I call out to Chris wherever he is, and I read them out to him, one by one. And his blue eyes get all blue and crinkly around the edges with his soft smile. He’s happy too.

So… I wanted to do a giveaway here…

One gorgeous commenter will win a copy of the complete Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit, including the Divine Dreaming Meditation, the extended meditation and the Goddess Guide to Sweet Slumber mini e-book.

All you have to do to enter and win is leave a comment on this post saying what you are the Goddess of.

I’ll draw a goddess’ name in two days. 🙂

With big love, and gorgeous luck, and sweet sleep fairies,