Dear darlingest Goddess You,

Another round of all the scrumptious, inspiring, ridunkulously good things I’ve found around ze interwebz this week…

I so hope it fills you up, inspires you, and makes you think good things in your mind and feel good things in your heart.

I adore how Punam Bean captures love through lens.

Love this post by the Sparkling Martins about finding compassion and love for other parents instead of judgement…

Sarah Wilson speaks on ze phenomenon of 1990’s Deep & Meaningfuls! Let’s bring them back, dearhearts!

I’m a huge fan of Katrina Kenison & her sage, gentle mama presence. Love this beautiful post on One Good Thing.

The ToyMaker is filled with dreamy toys you can make yourself… *happy sigh*

Justin Bieber slowed down 800 times is enchanting & ethereal. Not kidding! Heeee!

I am an Ironman. I don’t know why… but this just touched me. Normal guy does Ironman competition. ROCK ON POSSUM!

My latest Goddess Circle sister crush… the sweet Cassie Oswald on what a sweatered tree taught me about letting go.

75 Ways to Stay Unhappy Forever. I don’t do ANY of these EVER. ha ha ha! Note to self: Learn to forgive.

Affirmations for a Working Mom – by the lovely Kari from Mythbusters. WOO!

I really adore seeing photos of goddesses’ 2011 workbooks, & hearing how they use them… This one from a dear Goddess Circle sister!!

I printed out the workbook and calendar today. I saved an extra copy of the calendar and deleted pages 2-4 before I printed it out, so I have a perfect month by month calendar where I can see the month and the page before about it at the same time. The whole thing is in a pretty green binder with a copy of the front page of the worksheet on the cover:

I think my favorite page in the workbook so far is the page where you fill out the pie charts of how you currently spend your time and how you’d like to spend your time in 2011. When I filled in the pie chart for how I’d like to spend my time in 2011, it was like something “clicked” and just felt right. It was pretty cool 🙂

I’ve been a Mammoth Men fan for a bazillionto years… a bunch of male photographers go on holidays together, do cwazy stuff & take wonderful photos of it. I adore!

Bernard the Christmas Elf is the best advent calendar ever {by the lush Tara Whitney}

Video time!!!

I get really inspired watching musicians who are really into their music. There’s just something about their creativity that inspires mine…

And this dude is called Momo. Chris showed me this video of his, and it’s had me thinking for weeks now… about organising my creative stuff & reinventing what I do. Rock on, Mr Momo!

Now, truth time.

You deserve a fabulous weekend.

Heck, you probably even NEED ONE.

I hereby give you permission to work out ONE THING you can do this weekend that is really lovely. Just for YOU.

all my winged love,