Hola gorgeous goddess!

Let’s make a list. And come back to it every time we need to remember, mkay?

It doesn’t take long to remember just what luscious, shining goddesses we are.

50 Ways To Feel Like a Goddess Again!

Take a meditation-nap

Write yourself a permission slip… What do you need to give yourself permission for?

Create something just for you…

Have a green smoothie! Greens are good for the soul AND our moods!

Reach out to five people and tell them how much you love them and are grateful for them.

Stand outside when it is sunset or sunrise… the colours and light will heal your chakras and energy…

Go for a drive to a place you haven’t been before… Even if it’s just a road, park, shop or river. Let your spirit see new things!

Switch off for the day and remember joys which are screen-free.

Write your Things to do This Life list.

Write a love letter to the Goddess in You.

Give away or donate three things you own that don’t make you feel magical.

Watch inspiring movies

… or watch ridiculous 1980’s comedies or silly romantic-comedies or kid’s movies… feel good movies!

Create a dreamboard.

Dream up, organise and host a gathering of goddesses.

Make a raw dessert.

Find a place you can have a campfire. You don’t have to camp out all night… just stay for the best bits of fire-gazing and marshmallow-burning!

Mark in your calendar an LBW. My hunky invented these – Lazy Bastard Weekends. A weekend where you have total permission to do as little as possible. In pyjamas. Then nap. It’s muchos healing and restorative!

Ask your Mama to tell you your birth story.

Whenever I am in need of healing, I read SARK’s Transformation Soup. It’s my favourite of hers to bring joy, healing & rejuvenation into my life. Sparkle SARKle!

Get a reading by someone you either know already, or who comes recommended. Readings always help me get back on track again when I lose my way.

Go swimming. Even if swimming just means sitting in the spa at your local health club. That totally counts!

Drink more water. Chances are you are dehydrated. Love your friendly water police!

Stop complaining for today. Start saying you are AWESOME… You will begin to feel it!

Give your crystals a good cleansing with water and salt, sunlight or moonlight.

Decide to forgive someone.

Just try not getting this song stuck in your head…

See if you can find music you were obsessed by as a kid or teen. (My sisters know all the words to the Lion King soundtrack! I was more in love with Rick Price, Ace of Bass and Joshua Kadison). Listen to them again… maybe even sing a long!

Make a pile of your favourite healing books and lie in amongst them.

Find a crystal and make it your healing crystal. Keep it in your pocket during the day, sleep beside it at night. Let it become a beloved companion! Amethyst, jade and green calcite are especially good healers, but trust your intuition as to what YOU need!

Thank someone from your past who was special to you. (I once wrote a letter to my fourth grade teacher Miss Collins thanking her for making a gifted and talented writers class and asking me along. That class meant so much to me!)

Make space in your life for magic to enter by doing some divine decluttering!

Go on a retreat. One that’s run by you, or a group one. Retreats are oh so good!

Organise a breakfast date with your favourite person.

Decide on a new hobby to play with that you haven’t tried before… Horse riding! Scrap booking! Disco bowling! Knitting! Ice skating! Creative writing! Ze possibilities are endless…

Cuddle a puppy or meow-meow.

Marry yourself.

Find your totem animal.

Go have a book picnic outside and get distracted by the clouds!

Create an altar that feels supportive, uplifting and inspiring… a collection of all the lovely things you want to remind yourself of…

Create a gift basket for your best friend.

Take 100 deep breaths. One after the other.

Write on a piece of paper what you are willing to let go of. Burn it.

Make one new friend for the day – who cares if it is online or offline. Connection is goooood!

Make your bedroom into a sanctuary.

Give yourself a superhero name for ze day! I am Queen Megatron! I can bounce with the power of a thousand pogo sticks and a hundred Tiggers!

Take yourself on an Artists Date for lunch!

Let someone else decide what book you should read next.

Paint an angel and put it beside your bed.

Write letters. The kind that need stamps. Apply stickers by ze boatload. Embrace your inner penpalling eleven year old self!

Play dress-ups.

Sleep in the moonlight – either keep your curtains open or sleep outside. Or if you can’t do either – step outside for a moment before going to bed just to say goodnight to Grandmother Moon.

Take a media break.

Write a list of your own favourite ways to heal and get sparkly again…

Ready? Set! Go! Time to create magic!!

Share your list in ze comments circle! We need to hear them!

Thank you for being you, dearest pie,