Dear darlingest Goddess You,

Another round of all the scrumptious, inspiring, ridunkulously good things from ze interwebz this week…

We have a special Goddess Allsorts guest this week… most of these treasures were found by my hunky love Chris! That man has impeccable taste, I do say so!

And these photos are totally unnecessary… but you know, worth it.

You should know who found these linkies for me to share, ya know?

Thanks Mr Chris for finding us a wackadoodle of inspiration for us goddesses!!!

& Hi ho Inspiration Silver awaaaay!

I’m an extraverted introvert. My love is an introvert. We’ve been talking & reading a lot lately about accepting & embracing those introvert qualities. Interesting article about introversion here. And another one: 7.5 Reasons I’m Grateful to be an Introvert.

Best Christmas tree ever. Thanks Bookshelf Porn!

I just love what Goddess Sara wrote about the Goddess Circle on her blog:

Except that there are no words. Every day it’s like being cradled in love and acceptance. It’s a place where love will build you up, even as the world tries to tear you down. It’s a place where no one needs to wear a mask. We are all perfect as we are, anytime we dip our toes into the circle. We call on each other’s strength and wisdom, lay down our vulnerabilities, and retrieve our souls. It is no less than that.

This article on Karmic Quickening makes sense to me. I’m in such deep healing space right now – I’m not just healing mamahood & an intense year. I’m healing everything I’ve ever needed to heal: my shadow, my childhood, my relationship, my DNA… mate, the list goes on. Deep Healing Space over here. Anywaysies, this article made sense.

Not only is Terri Fischer an incredible singer, but an amazing artist too! Look at this stunning piece! Adore, adore the ink drippings + the mix of pencil + watercolour. Be still, my art-beating heart!

I just think Laura Eliason is utterly beautiful. Everything she creates – whether its knitted goods or just photos of her wearing those knitted goods – is just good. Lovely. Thank you for being you, Ms Laura Eliason!

Jenny the Bloggess cracks me up. Especially this one: Your Birth Plan. Good Luck With That. (As with all things Bloggess, there’s a whole lotta language in it. I’m pretty down with a bit of sailor talk, but if you don’t like ships, skip it.)

Best part of the article:

The person making your actual birth plan decisions is your baby.

True dat homegirl.

Love this incredible birthing goddess stone by Goddess Circle sister Mel. So soft and round and mama-ly.

This is my dear friend Nixie singing a song to my dear friend Lhia. And as with all things Nixie, it made me laugh and glow and cry all at once.

I’ve been reading Rummey Bears for ages now. I adore her lush photos. That, and she has a beautiful blue-eyed daughter just a month older than my beautiful blue-eyed daughter. Blonde pixies unite!

I’m not quite sure why, but I find Ginette Lapalme’s sticks utterly compelling + stunning.

I adored this post by my dear friend Fabeku about his new pair of red suede docs & their magical compulsion to dance. Especially this quote:

Well, fuc* that folks.

I have red suede Docs.
And I’m going to dance.

It might not be pretty. Or polished.

But I don’t care.

I. Will. Dance.

Ze wonderous Drawing Djuro is back after a blogging break! With studio pics & drawing class pics that totally reverberate with so much creative energy. Oh gawd, I just get giddy + happy seeing what other people create.

Goddess Circle sister + inspiration extraordinaire Cassie Oswald curates a Museum of Magic. And it is utterly beautiful. And hilarious. And extraordinary. Beautiful Tom Selleck poster from there. That one totally made me gigglesnort uncontrollably.

FYI: If I ever owned a gallery, it would be the most random collection of beautiful, exquisite & hilarious things ever.

Would you come? Of course you would! There would be gluten free cupcakes!

And video inspiration time!

Holy dinger this is cool. Music by iPad.

Gnarls Barkley gives me shivers of delight.

Okay, that’s it, my dearest goddess circle sisters.

Thanks for sharing in this wonder*cornucopia of inspiration!!! How good was that?

Have a flipping wonderful Friday, dearest. You deserve the very best!

Big love,