Hola gorgeous Goddess!

I get emails all ze time asking how I process my photos & get them looking all ker-spunky funky.

So! Here’s my round-up of favourite goodies to make photos look spesh.

I’ve divided it into sections for free online photo editors, Photoshop users & iPhone/iTouch users.

Free online photo editing software

Photoshop.com has free online tools – including the Photoshop Express Editor.

With Photoshop, you can do basic photo editing like cropping, adding borders & some basic colour changes.

Picnik.com also has a free online photo editor.

Photoshop funkifiers!

Pioneer Woman’s free actions are the ones I use the most. I especially love Seventies!

You can search DeviantART for more free Photoshop actions. The ones above are from Night Fate.

I layer textures over photographs to give them a vintage, weathered, enchanted kinda look. There are many techniques for adding textures to photos, I usually add the texture as an extra layer, then select Multiply, and mask out gently places I don’t want it to show. You can get textures on DeviantART… otherwise you can photograph your own texture pics of cement, walls, paper & paint!

iPhone or iTouch Photo Filter Apps

CameraBag is the photo one I love ze most. It has black and white, vintage, Polaroid and cross processing filters. Me hearts.

And I’ve heard a lot about Hipstamatic. But to be honest? I bought it and found it so annoying and slow and buggy that I deleted it. Howevs, It’s got a cute interface and if you can get it to work, then yippee!

Photoshop App is free & does basic photo edits, plus a couple of filters. I tend to use this one in conjunction with CameraBag – I crop & fix exposure & then CameraBag the buggery out of it 🙂

And I’ve totally saved the best till last!!!

I’ve JUST discoved Instagram, & I’ve fallen fast & hard in love. Gorgeous square filters. Free! Scrumptious!

Okly dokly my darlinghearts, hope this helps you funkify your gorgeous photos…

Go forth & CREATE!

Big love!!!