Hola gorgeous Goddess!

It’s that happy day of the week… Goddess Allsorts day!
This is the day I share with you all kinds of scrummy inspiration I find around the place & want to share. Allsorts that don’t make much sense together, but are perfectly perfect. A whole smorgasboard of delight for you to nibble on!

Teeny Tiny People Sculpture

These tiny little people street art sculpture things are riveting and adorable.

Holy teeny tiny ant people living in our world batman! And I wonder if I’ve ever walked past such tiny street miracles and not noticed them before. (via the lovely Goddess Kerry)

Dope Soap Hope

Teachers really are everywhere. This is one magical video about not giving up hope, and working towards your dream. No matter what. Created by the incredible Zack Arias.

I Heart Strangers

What if you photographed a stranger every day for a year? I kinda think you’d end up with 365 new friends. Or 366, if it was a leap year.


I’ve been so blessed to be doing a Goddess Apprenticeship with Goddess Kyeli over the last couple of months. She is an amazing, precious soul… and it is a miracle and a blessing to see her light even more & more up.

And I loved this blog post of hers about giving herself the space to allow her sensitivity, and reduce negativity in her life. I completely, completely resonate with her words:

Won’t someone please think of the children?

But, why do we consume things we wouldn’t want our children to consume? Why listen to something you don’t want them to hear? Why watch something you don’t want them to see?

But I’m not protecting myself (and my inner child) – and we need protection. I’m fragile. I’m very sensitive. I’m trusting. I’m emotional. And I’m bombarding myself with movies and other media that cause a very real sense of doom and despair, terror and eminent danger, even at times when I’m rationally perfectly safe.

After committing to cut these movies from my life, I feel more peaceful already. I feel like a burden that I wasn’t aware of has already been lifted. I feel more relaxed and more joyous.

The mere thought of cutting out so much terror and horror has already made space for more light to shine.

What makes you feel dim? What can you do to increase your light?

Free Wild Woman Poster

The gorgeous Bliss Chick let me know about a wild woman poster she co-created that she is giving away for free.

Utterly delicious. Get your own here.

Time for a dance-athon

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