Hola sweet beans,

I’m on da hunt. For resources for pregnacious goddesses. I’ve found some I love, and some I’m still haunting the shelves of bookstores for. Here’s my sweet list so far, and my sweet wish-list of what I’m looking for.


A couple of years ago, I went through a stage of reading pregnancy and birthing books. I counted it as being “forward reading” because I figured once I really was pregnant, I’d only have nine months to get all my reading in. I’m SO GLAD twenty-four year old Leonie was that smart. I say HIGH FIVE YOU, 24yo Leonie. YOU ROCK.

Spiritual Midwifery” by Ina May Gaskin was one of those books I read a couple of years ago. Hands down, this is one of the most beautiful, profound, powerful books I have ever read. It’s the birth stories of women from a 1970s commune in the US who reclaimed home birthing. Their stories are tender, joyful and enlightening – and they totally changed my perception of birth. So this book is totally up there in my Important Books, especially for birthing.

Up the Duff” by Kaz Cooke

I didn’t think I’d enjoy this one. It seemed a bit too ordinary for me and a bit too cynical – not exactly enchanting pregnancy stuff. Of course, I went off the title and the cartoon character – helloooo judging a book by it’s cover. To be honest, I only bought this book because I found it really cheap in the second hand bookstore on the day I found out I was pregnant. I was kind of panicked about not knowing EVERYTHING about this whole new life situation I was in, so I was grabbing anything that looked vaguely helpful. That, and the sweet ginger bookstore man said his wife and him just gave birth to their first baby, and “Up the Duff” was one of their favourites.

So I took it. And so far, it’s the only one I’m reading. It’s not as annoying as “What to expect when you’re expecting” (though that’s one of those encyclopedic useful-resources anyway). It’s funny, and it’s tender, and it’s honest. Which I’m utterly appreciating right now. So YAY! for Up the Duff. Maybe they can bring out “Up The Sacred Duff” next time. 🙂

Awaken your birth power” by Danette Watson

This is a lovely, inspiring little illustrated book plus meditation CD created here in Australia. I’m a-thinking of going on one of her retreats because it’s not too far from here. I bought a copy for my sweet sis-in-law when she was preggy, and she’s passing it back to me now she has her beautiful lil daughter in her arms. So looking forward to reading it again!

Websites, Blogs & Forums

At the moment, I’m signed up for weekly updates at Babycenter.com.au which have been helpful and lovely.

I’ve also been:

  • watching Momversations
  • re-reading the pregnancy stories of my two favourite P-goddesses – Penelope (her pregnancy artwork is deeply ancestral & precious & profound) & Pixie (I adore her woman-wisdom)
  • am so stinking excited that Offbeat Mama is going to be launched soon (an offspring *ho ho* from Offbeat Bride)
  • reading birthing stories through Homebirth NZ (the lovely Goddess Jane recommended it to me)
  • loving Birth into Being website (check out the video on there… like woah-amazing)
  • and Orgasmic Birthing.

There was also this totally other wild and wonderful video of a woman birthing in the sea I found… where for art you now, delicious video?

I’m still a-hunting around for more blogs and forums that resonate. I I’d love to know some good websites, blogs and forums on pregnacious-ness and mama-hood, especially ones with more of a “natural parenting” focus.

Know any? Would so love to hear them!


The Awaken your Birth Power book has some meditations on there. Other than that, I’ve been using my own meditations (hee hee!) or Chris has been finding me Youtube meditations that put me into a three-hour nap. (I’d link to it, but he’s the hottie who found it – I heart him).

Know any good meditations or music for gestating goddesses?

Pregnancy & mumma exercise DVDs

I’m still on the hunt for some good pregnancy and mum-with-bub exercise DVDs. Will let you all know when I find some!

In the meantime, God Chris has been doing that holy-adorable thing of his of finding stuff on Youtube for me, and doing yoga with me. Holy dinger, that man is a GOD.


That’s almost time for a nap now. All that thinking about books has totally taken it out of me!

Comments Zen

Because I really need to ask for what I want and need right now:

If you know of any resources to add to my lil pregnacious-goddess library, please please please with love and sugarplum fairies, let me know. I’d so love to know what helps and inspires you.

I really don’t want to hear anything that’s not constructive, especially about the above resources. If you think things like orgasmic birth is not a legitimate or interesting possibility, that’s totally groovy, but I’m not really interested in hearing about it. I’m really just into creating a safe, happy, positive, supportive environment right now.

Thank you for being here, sweetpea.

Big love,