Dear darlingest Goddess You,

I haz returned!
I have foraged in ze wilds of ze internet…
and returned with a basketful of goddess scrumptious allsorts for you to nom on!

The Cave of Crystals is stunning!

The starting video of Jinky Art is just stunning. Bunny rabbits and ducks and light and joy.

I likey likey Positive Birth Stories.

I think Fabeku is completely wonderful. If you haven’t tried out his free sacred sound downloads, doooo eeeeet. I pop on his MP3s whenever my house (or me) needs an energy lift. Also, him and my turquoise sister Chris Zydel are running the ArtSoundYou retreat in May, which I would so adore going too ~ if only I wasn’t on the other side of the world with a tiny wee baby Little Mermaid by then!

Rachel Awes‘ artwork & blog makes my heart light up. I like this goddess very, very much. Her art touches that place in my soul that needs healing and love and colour.

I love these gypsy goddess photos by K Beth Photography.

My sweet love created Spiritual Journeys Online as a way of keeping track of all the spirit-gorgeousness he found online. I like popping over there just to find delightful things. Like this:

Found anything scrumptious/inspiring/divine/yummy lately?

Show me show me show me! 😀

you make birds sing,