Hola gorgeous Goddess!

Hurrah! It’s that beautiful day of the week again… that ritual of making all or part of my Sunday switched off… logging off my ‘puter and doing some of those things I really wanna do… and just adoring my beautiful goddess life.

Why do I make it a ritual? Because… all of us know it would be better to take time off from being online… but as the days roll by, we forget to do it. By making it a weekly ritual, it becomes part of our gorgeous routine… and becomes integrated into our luscious life.

You can join me by taking off the whole day, the morning, the afternoon or just a couple of hours off from being online. Write down now how long is the perfect time for you to “Switch Off”.

This Switch Off Sunday is a little bit different…

Usually, I write a big list of possibilities of things to do when switching off this Sunday.

But you know what?

Right now, I need some do-nothing-ness. I need some total, unobliterated, bugger-all nothing.

Maybe I’ll stare at the tv. Maybe I’ll get a wave of inspiration and make something. Maybe I’ll just sit on the couch and stare at a wall for a while. Maybe I’ll read a trashy novel. Maybe I’ll get myself a massage. I ding dang need one. Maybe I’ll cry. Maybe I’ll laugh. Maybe I’ll just practice the art of being. Of doing nothing. Of not having any plans. Of no expectations, of not asking for anything from myself.

Because that’s what I need. I need to not run after anything right now – not accomplish anything – and not feel productive.

And maybe – just maybe – after all the holidays, and jumping on the 2010 choo-choo train, you might need some nothingness too. Some non-doing. Some uproductivity. Some space to just sit and integrate and not put out any energy for a while.

You deserve it, darlingheart.

Need permission?

Please print & use as required. Goddess knows I need it!

It’s time!

Time to switch off… and soak in this beautiful day. Facebook, Google Reader, Twitter, blogs and your inbox will all be there tomorrow waiting for you. But Switch off Sundays are just for you.

What do you need to give yourself permission to do (or not do) today?

love you like you are a mountain of fairy floss & I am a giant mouth,