Hullllooooooo hottie-cakes!

Sing it with me now…. Goddess Allsorts day!

Ze day I forage for you all the treasures I find around the internets… and share them with you for your goddess consumption.

Pick at them or feast… it’s all up to you, spirited spunkerella 🙂

I totally want a room like this. Heavenly haven… ripe for all my comfort + hippy tendencies. Piccie found via the precious Pixie.

I’m also a bit obsesso about reading combining mamahood + creativity at the moment. I liked this interview between two authors & also love Laini’s sharings about writing with a sweet baby pie.

These photo calendars of India by Journey Mama‘s hubs are beyooootiful!

Best of Craigslist ~ this cracks me up.

I never thought I’d be SO into what goes into diaper bags. But I am. I’ve gone back to this Offbeat Mama diaper bag post about four times now to carefully inspect and compare what’s in mine.

I think ze Inbox Zero philosophy is scrumptious. Plus, Merlin makes the best videos.

My hunk finds the best things. This is totally not what I thought it would be… and yet… totally perfect. Everything is Spiritual is a lecture by a dude named Rob Bell who is a Christian pastor with a scientific take on things. I love when faith is so broad and open and loving that everyone can jump right in and swim around in its loveliness.

Do you go into pet stores just to watch rabbits wriggle their noses, cats jump on each other and puppy dogs wriggle? Goody! Me too! Many a lunch hour has had “Pet Shop Time” allocated into it! This is like going into a pet store for some muchos-needed puppy-watching. People-watching is way over-rated. Puppy-watching is what makes me glad!

I use the online Gaian Tarot oracle every week (at least). So, so, so good. Beautiful cards + stunning meanings. (Sound familiar? I’ve interviewed the gorgeous tarot artist Goddess Joanna here before.)

Love The Way of the Happy Woman’s video about her 2010 Goddess Workbook!

EXCITED!!!!!!!! Two of the most beautiful healer souls have just bought the land just next to ours at our big dream come true ::: Crystalbrook Retreat… I can’t wait to have them as sanctuary neighbours!!!!

This video makes me cry… mama hormones? Don’t know. But it just does.

This video makes me giggle + be inspired. Gigglespiration?

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement from Harvard Magazine on Vimeo.

Now! Onto a magnificent day! 🙂

you make birdies sing sweet songs,