The beautiful Goddess Brandi from all the way over the seas in Texas sent me this divine photo of her altar with one of my You are a Goddess art prints on it. Such a sweet gift to share this vision with me. I so heart seeing my Goddesses out in the world, spreading their rainbow spirit wherever they go. 🙂

And I was so deeply touched by her words ~~
“She takes a special place at my altar in my creativity room and helps infuse my creative space with wonderful, colorful goddess energy. She helps
remind me of my innate right to my divinity and creativity. That’s important for someone who has felt apologetic of taking time for me or my creativity for
a long time.  Every time I see her, I smile.”

Goddess Brandi, you are in my pantheon of divine beings… thank you so deeply and dearly precious woman!

Wishing you all a beautiful Saturday,
love and light and laughter,