Celebrating love, love and more love. This one is inspired by my beautiful partner… and is about all the love there is in the world.
You know when you just can’t stop writing about love? When your heart is so full that it overflows? I made this artwork to remind us just how blessed with love we all are.

You are my North, South, East and West…
every direction I turn, there is our love,
scented like wild dawns and forest tops.
There is you, leaving lavendar flowers on my desk. There is you, leading me in a dance around the living room. There is you, reminding you of my biggest dreams.
There is you, in my heart, in my spirit, in my mind…”

Celebrate, remember, give gratitude for and attract love with your own Goddess Leonie love print.

I’ve got something exciting to share tomorrow too… due to popular demand, the release of Goddess Leonie custom artworks! Stay tuned goddesses… so excited to share these with you! 🙂