Hola gorgeous Goddesses,

I’m a little bit snowed under at the moment with putting together my next course to offer… but I wanted to reach out and let you know what you can expect!

But first… the…

Very Silly Photos

Whenever I’m creating something and spending hours writing and designing and laptopping-from-bed, I end up taking a whole lot of very silly photos of myself on Photo Booth.

And because ya’ll are waiting so patiently, I’m going to share with you my major achievements from this time:

Angel’s little nose does me in every single time.

And ze important stuff!

So the coursity-course-course-course of course!

So many of you preciouses have already been emailing me asking about the course! Thank you so so much for your excitement and love and patience.

I’ll be sending out the news early next week with the hot goss. Gorgeous goddesses on my mailing list will hear about it first and get a discount that lasts for three days. Then it will get released to the world.

The course is muchly different from last time, but I’m so excited about it, and know it will be really powerful. I’ve joined superpowers with one of my teachers to bring you…


Making Space for Your Goddess to Shine: A divine de-cluttering & magical space clearing e-course!

I’ve got SO much more to tell you about this course and it’s magic and how much it can help change your home and life… but I will leave it till next week. I’m just whispering it to you because:

1.) I can.not.keep.good.secrets

2.) and you’re my favourite.


Until then…

It’s back to me making rather silly photos & brewing up some more gorgeous goddessness.

That, and executing what my big sister calls “my waffle plans.”

She called me earlier today and asked me my plans for the weekend. And apart from finishing up the course-y goodness, I had none except one. On Sunday morning, I will wake up, drive to my favourite village with my hunkaspunk god, meet Sone & her husby, and eat waffles. Waffles with ice-cream and cream and chocolate ganache sauce. Waffles all brown and toasty and warm. And then afterwards, go look in one of my favourite bookstores. But mostly, it’s all about my weekend waffles. That’s just how I roll. 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend darling hearts…
and so deeply looking forward to sharing with you next week!

Forever waffling yours,