The gorgeous goddess Heather recently commissioned her own Soul Story custom art on canvas from me. I so loved creating it for her – she is a bubbly, lovely, sparkling soul and her enthusiasm for life, love and friendship is palpable, even across email.

She wanted me to include her favourite colours – blue, blue and blue. SO easily done – they are my favourite too! 🙂

I love creating Soul Story customs on *canvas* – it’s ready to hang, doesn’t need framing and I CAN ADD GLITTER PAINT. weeeeeeeeeeee!

Goddess Heather – it was such a joy to create this for you. I so hope it reminds you of your beauty and amazing spirit.


~ Remember Goddess Melly’s Soul Story? She just posted pics of her bedroom sanctuary with it included. LOVE LOVE photos like that!!!
~ You can order your very own Soul Story custom artwork celebrating you and your gifts here.