Hola gorgeous Goddess!!!

Oh my darlingheart!!

It’s that special day of the week! Groovy scrumptious inspirations collected for youuuuuuuu!!!!

But first… my magic week has been:

:: easter partaying with my love’s family on their farm by the sea. Ah yeah, it’s pretty much heaven. I ate & ate & ate & laughed & taught Ostara how to say “chooks!”

:: painting an ebook & a book (our latest creations) with Ostara on the verandah. Heaven. A very messy heaven. But HEAVEN.

Now!!!! Moozak to get us jiving! Hunky Chris has been playing this all week and it is OFFICIALLY in my head.

Buying Time: A feminist mom gets humbled

Love love LOVE this photoshoot.

SO. I made a Goddess TV page. ENJOY!!!!!!

So I was moaning that I couldn’t work out how to publish my podcast. And the beautiful Britt Bravo wrote a super helpful blog post for me on how she does it. OMG I LOVE HER.

Just the idea of Virgin Atlantic makes my heart open & smile at the wonder!!!!

A Great Many Things by Kelle Hampton is just delightful. I love dat woman.

This house is dreamy.

For some magical random reason, I really dig Fart With Headphones On at the moment.

Have been reading Tara Gentile’s new ebook. I likey!

Oh dear lord. This had me howling with laughter. UNCANNY!!!! Sloths (and other cute animals) that look like Justin Bieber.

God’s Wife Edited Out of the Bible – Almost.

The House of Owl’s museum of magic is chockfullawonders. Always.

How to make a comfrey poultice by lovely Sarah Wilson :: perfect for regenerating tissues and cells!

Something about these aerial photos makes my brain happy.

Push Me, Pull You: what lies just ahead. Energy updates from a gorgeous visionary friend of mine, Victoria SkyDancer.

Guest Posting Goddess

Making meditation work for you.

So happy to be a part of the Stepping into the She-ro’s Journey ebook (PDF).

Interview :: Jen’s Smiling Heart

Video Goddess

Embrace Your Super Powers from Jenny Shih on Vimeo.

Life is good, isn’t it?

SO much beauty. SO much loveliness.

I am grateful.

I adooooore you,

p.s. just a reminder sweetpea! the Become a Business Goddess e-course starts MAY 1!!!!! EXCITED!!!!!