Hola gorgeous Goddess!

So sweetheart, there’s this funny little routine I do. I have a big, blooming idea. I have a wild donkey to ride, a thing to create, a song to sing.

I dream of it at night. Idea storms brew as I tend to my daughter, passing her dropped toys one by one as she baths. So much to make. So many miracles to create.

And just before the glory begins, as I gather my utensils, as I turn towards the open page… there is a moment.

A moment of stillness where I face the task before me. A moment, a gasp of breath, a blush of fear, a wondering of “just how do I create this baby?”

I think to myself:

I’ll just go do some research. Go read somebody else’s work. I’ll go get inspired that way. THEN I’ll be ready to do my work. THEN I’ll be ready to give this project life. Give this project the chance to take its first breath.

And if I’m not careful, I turn and back away from the precipice of creation.

I run away in every other direction. To see what others are doing. To compare myself, needlessly. To pin the dream of my idea up against the fully formed flesh of other’s projects made real.

And all too often – the energy that’s culminated? The idea storm? That wild donkey of mine?

It sifts and silts away. Untended and unadored, it slips from my paddock. It becomes losts in the wilds of Inspiration Not Created, up the back paddock of What Could Have Been.

I’m writing this as an ode.

We all have a dream inside us. A miracle. Rainbows wanting to be birthed.

And my darling, oh what we need for them is courage. Courage to turn towards the page and not turn away again. Patience and tenacity and a mama’s kind of ferocious love for them.

I want to hear your story. I want to know of your essence. I need your gifts in this world.

I write this for me. I write this for the world.

We need your gifts, dearest.

Please bring your miracles to life.

Turn away from the email the Facebook the Twitter the RSS feed the blogs the books the distractions.

Turn towards the pure essence that is waiting to be born through you.

It can only be you, dearest.

It can only be you.

I am sending you a million miles of love, comfort and companionship on this journey of ours. This journey of Creatrix Goddesses, of birthing what needs to be born.


All my love,


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