Hola gorgeous goddess!!!

Another week, another round of utter inspiration to send your way.

I tell youuuu… I think this might be another round of Best Ever Allsorts.

I’m in LOVE!

Adore this little home project of creating a paver of succulents.

The Ballerina Project is magic. Ballerinas photographed in New York City.

This quote:

“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.”
~ Jill Churchill

Uncontacted peoples! Lost tribes! Doesn’t it make your mind go wide open??

How to make roses from maple leaves. I just get so amazed at what people create. Did your mind ever go “You know, I reckon I could make a rose from a maple leaf!!!” And then do it? Brains are an amazing, amazing thing.

Escher’s Puddle is a compellingly beautiful thing.

So, I’m newly in love with Stumble Upon.

I didn’t get it before, but oh my goddess!

You click a few boxes of what you’re interested in.

And then it gives you a little clicky button.

And takes you to really groovy, random pages that you will adore.

It’s kinda like a personal shopper. But for your inspiration.

Try it. I’m pretty sure you’ll adore it & spend many happy hours stumbling upon treasures!

In other news, still not over my love for Bookshelf Porn. Not yet. And why should I be? This room just really, really inspires me. The eggshell blue. The white dreamy drapes. The golden ornate frames. Art + books makes my heart happy.

SKETCH SWAP. OMG. You draw one. Then you swap and see what someone else is drawing. It’s so beautiful I could cry. Magical. Inspiring. Like getting to glimpse other people’s worlds. Creativity + Magic = tears in this goddess’ eyes. Love letters to the world.

I’ve been going back through my ebooks collection to re-read my favourites. Zen to Done is still my fave. Simple. Elegant. Delicious. That’s how we like it.

I adore Bec Leigh. She’s just decided to stop going for walks, coz she hates them. But strolling? That she can do! And you know what? Strolling is now my new favourite word. YES. I don’t wanna walk for exercise. But stroll? OH YES!

Still adoring Cass’ Museum of Magic. I want these chunk-glorious crystals draped around me like talismans!

Also giddily good by Cass: a wide-eyed life.

Love Sucks (but you can’t beat it) is one blazing white hot truth. No, really, I mean it. I’ve had a whole bundle of goddesses ask me how me & my love manage to have such a wonderful relationship. First I think: HA! Did you not just see that whole hour we spent being crotchety old hags at each other. And then I think: Ahhh! That’s because I didn’t blog it! The simple truths (of mine) about love? It’s a whole lot of work. And I adore the ground my love walks on. We argue. We miscommunicate. We upset each other. We grow. We grow up. We try harder. We forgive. We forget. We choose each other. We love each other. My love is a god, and he’s also a god that this goddess still argues with. Again and again, in the moments we could have walked, we stayed. Because at the end of the day? We want to be together forever. So that’s what we do.

Jennifer Lee is just beautiful. I love this post about setting her intentions for 2011.

If I didn’t have my wedding dress already, I’d be swayed by these magical beauties by Faery Wedding.

I read a birth story this week that healed my heart. The birth story of twins: Part One & Two. I felt healed reading it… it brought about two big insights for me: that I believe in LOA but sometimes things just happen because you need not want them to happen. And that no matter what happened (in birth & in life) I could deal with whatever happened, because I would always receive lessons, grace and insight from it.

The Real Life ebook by Tara Sophia Mohr is precious. Just like her.

Katy’s series on things she wants her daughter to know make me smile.

Gwen Bell is a sweetie. I loved her blog about Life Planning.

I love that at the top of her list for optimal happiness (pictured above) is:
Be Gwen Bell.

Funnily enough, at the top of my list is:
Be Leonie.

All my love,

Goddess Circle