Hola gorgeous goddesses!

It’s that time of ze week again… when I share all the goodies of what’s inspiring me in my life… and what’s uber-inspiring around ze web for you to nibble (or feast!) on.

This week I have been loving: helping my sister decorate jumbo cupcakes (read: licking the icing spoon), sitting in a paddock with my baby girl and my dad, hiding in our town library so I can bang out words upon words upon words (Business Goddess course! The FREEEE How to Be A Goddess manifesto (goddessfesto!) that will be set free into ze world next week! Guest posts upon guest posts!), listening to India Arie on repeat, rejoicing as Bunnings hardware store finally opens here – moments of pure joy as I walked along, running my hands through their huuuuuuge herb garden – INSPIRED! & watching in awe as Baby Goddess Ostara take her first steps (holding her mama’s hands). One full, blessed week.

So much loveliness & inspiration to share with you today.

May it fill up your well and make you dream good things.

Let’s start with some beyoooootiful India Arie to be our soul’s songbird…

Old Women Who Paint on Their Walls is dreamy and enchanting and wild.

Do you know Laura Eliason, creatrix goddess? Not yet? SO happy to introduce you to her loveliness!

She’s a fashion designer & artist who documents her process on ze web. I totally love watching the evolution of her dresses and stuff, like this one.

These levitation photos are beautiful.

Oooh! Announcement time! I’m teaching at the Spring session of the WishBIG ecamp. Want to find out more?

I adore my precious friend Lisa (aka the Sassy Minx)’s Life List.

That’s her up above, fulfilling one of her life list items – to go to Iceland. And warm her cute lil pinkies upon steaming bits of earth. YAY YOU WOMAN!

Next week the free (freeee!) Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit that my talented friend Jenn Lee put together. It’s perfect for creative entrepreneurs… and I’m interviewed in it! (YAY!) Do meander over to get your creative entrepreneur juices inspired.

The Sabbath Manifesto is dang good.

Go win a rad art t-shirt from Tangerine Meg. I have a Rainbow Woman one & it lights up my day.

Mama Goddess Corner

Cribs V Beds: Parenting Wars cracks me up.

This post on Rummey Bears is honest, wise and beautiful. We need to talk more about how to argue as parents.

Skin to delicious skin :: these photos make my mama heart soar.

22 Ways To Nurture The Nurturer. Please tattoo this on my forehead. We mamas MUST MUST MUST nurture and tend to ourselves. We must be whole and sane and healthy and JOYFUL. For ourselves. For our partners. For our children. For goodness’ sake.

My beautiful friend Leah of Creative Everyday fame is pregnacious… and the artwork that is pouring forth from her during this time is so touching me. It just really speaks to me of that hazy, magical cave time that is pregnancy and impending birth. Do you feel it too?

Six Ways To Forgive Your Partner on Happiest Mom. Incase you haven’t noticed by my bazillion links to Happiest Mom, I am so so so grateful for her realness and honesty about what it takes to be a mom and what it takes to be in a relationship.

Video goddess corner!

Chris found this series: How to Grow Your Own (Healing) Drugs.

Sometimes I sing this song like a chant over and over to remind myself:
And I see your light surrounding me.

And oh my goddess. The Double Rainbow Guy. I wet myself laughing and my heart opened. Bless you, Double Rainbow Man. You’re my earth-loving hero!!!

Are you grinning yet?

I AM! Let’s go have a miracle weekend!