turquoise cowgirl goddess

Hola gorgeous Goddess!

So the most popular question I get asked, aside from How do you make your hair all mermaidy? (hee!) & How do you trust your own intuition? is…

How the heck do you manage to put so much stuff out?!

As one friend remarked to me:

You seem to be in an endless summer of creating!

She has a point.

Over the last three years, I’ve created:

  • 4 meditation kits
  • 4 e-courses
  • 2 workbooks
  • 50 something videos
  • 100+ original artworks
  • 1000+ blog posts.

Not to mention grown my business from a hobby to a thriving enterprise that sustains my whole family. Crazy productive.

AND I also had an office job for two of those years.

Oh. AND had a baby.

So yup, I’ve got a gift at getting stuff done.

Want to know my secret?

It’s really, really complex.

(Tee hee! It’s not! It’s as simple as a donkey, as all things should be!)

It’s the



So, a wild donkey of an idea shows up in your paddock.

It’s your job to jump on, and ride it until it’s finished, done, complete-o.

And then your job is to release it into the wilds.

The donkey will have done what has needed to.

And so will have you.

Want to know how I’ve ridden my donkeys?

The very first Creating your Goddess Year workbook & planner?

I came up with the idea just before Christmas of 2010. Four days of creating alldayeveryday later, it was finished and sent out into the world.

The Radiant Goddess e-course videos? Filmed over one 12 hour day.

The Creative Goddess e-course? Created SIX WEEKS of course materials (six 30 minute videos, six 30 minute original meditation MP3s and six hand-illustrated & painted workbooks) over SIX DAYS.



Crazy effective?


Because those wild donkeys got ridden. And then they got released.

The Problem With The Chip-Away Technique

The thing is – and I suspect 97% of the population are secretly like me –

I’m not one to chip away at stuff for a year or three.

Bleh. The whole idea feels muted and dull to me.

The only guarantee out of that technique for me is that I *will* lose interest and momentum.

And yet – if I just harness the energy of the wild donkey idea when it’s in my paddock, it makes creating so much easier.

I am happy to have days of huge creative surges then rest and recover for a week after.

What happens when I wait…

Want to know what happens to the stuff that I wait for, molly coddle, caress gently, tease out, think about, want to make perfect?

That’s the stuff I haven’t made.

That’s the stuff that’s still sitting on my desk.

It’s called Mount Project, and it is a mammoth pile that still teases me.

Riding the wild donkey might be wild, my gosh is it fun and exhilarating and delicious.

And oh my goddess, how it gets things DONE. Created. Out in the world for them to dance their magic and do what they need to do.

Which is much more than can be said for all the dreams that lay buried in Mount Project.

The way I see it?

It’s my responsibility to ride the donkeys that turn up in my paddock.

There’s something I need to learn from them.

There’s something that needs to happen there.

And those wild, gorgeous crumby donkeys need me to set them free into the world.

Which I can only do by putting on some big girl panties, a cowgirl hat & some canoes, and just JUMPING ON.

Riding, creating, having faith, trusting, pushing, taking deep breaths, being mad, glorious and fabulous all at once.

The Cowgirl Creator.

My next wild donkey?

Finish the Business Goddess kit. It’s a big, beautiful auburn-aglow donkey that showed up in my paddock over a year ago. It could have been released already but there was that whole giving birth thing (not to mention launching the Goddess Circle/moving across the country) got in the way of donkey riding for a little while. Me and this donkey? We’ve ridden together for many hours and over 100 pages, but there is still more to go before that beautiful donkey can be set free again.

Incase you need the reminder…

The Wild Donkey wants you to:


Don’t hold it up.

Don’t wait for the perfect creative time.

Don’t wait for anyone else.

Don’t wait for a publishing deal.

Don’t wait for outside validation.

Create it until it’s done, then RELEASE IT.

Jump on the wave of inspiration, and surf it out it until the wave is done.

You don’t need to be properly prepared.

You just need to do your job.


Do it. Create it. Have faith in it. Finish it. Release it.

Go grab your cowgirl hat!


big love,