Hola gorgeous Goddesses!!!

So, we’re gathering in my prayer-flag-laden backyard for tea & sharing & dreaming in our 2011 workbooks together…

I’ve asked a few of my favourite goddesses to share some of their workbook pages to inspire us…

For me? It’s really, really healing to read about other people’s dreams.

After 2010: The Year That Felt So Hard, all I can think when I’m dreaming up 2011 is:

Please Great Spirit. Please let it be a good year.

And when I read other goddesses’ beautiful dreams, it sets free little fireflies into my soul… slowly awakening and glimpsing and glimmering the luscious possibilities that could unfold.

My darling circle sister Goddess Jess shared her 100 things to do in 2011.

This is Goddess Jess. I adore her!

To see her list in FULL BLOOMING SIZE, just click on it. Delicious.

Firefly-inciters of her list that I love love love adore adore adore:

Join a roller derby!

Pet a unicorn. (ME TOO!)
Creek walking. (This one brought tears to my eyes. I used to spend a lot of time doing creek walking when I was a kid. Time for MORE I say! Rejoin the river nymphs!)
Learn about herbs/plants. (HURRO YES! And beautiful Jess? I can definitely recommend all of Susun Weed‘s books. And Rosemary Gladstar. Also: why do herbal goddesses all have herby names? I often wonder this. It’s magic I tell you!)
Believe in magic. (Thank you for that remind. Me toooo.)
Eat vego for a month. (I can recommend this one! It’s dang good fun!)
SEE A CASTLE! (Do they have castles in the US? Just wondering. Leonie doesn’t know, okay? Did you know that there are castles EVERYWHERE in India? And they are all abandoned and nobody lives in them? Like you are travelling on a train, and you look out the window, and there’s another ding dang castle on a nearby hill, just minding its own business, nothing special to see here, ya know? India is kinda enchanted like that. It’s from another world. The End.)
Observe more moons. (YES! It’s like I’m starved of creativity + spirituality lately. Everything I’m reading is like OMG I NEEED THIS. A sign, anyone?
Wear a blue dress. (Side note: Umm, yessss please Goddess Jess. You look flipping AMAZING in turquoise!)
Buy a silly book. (Can I please recommend Richard Stubb’s “Still Life?” It’s out of print now, but if you search on Abebooks, you might be able to find a copy. Chris intermittently bans me from reading that book because I just laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and say “Oh my gosh, listen to thiiiiisssssss…” Anyways. Read it. So very silly.)
Have Cave Time.
Sail a pirate ship.
(Yus, you MUST. Been there, converted that catamaran at the Sailing Club into a Pirate Ship. And just laughed like a banshee re-reading the adventure. My gawd I rock at life!)

Thank you sooo oodley much, Goddess Jess, for sharing your scrumptious dreaming list.

I will send you a unicorn via FedEx.

My heart feels ding dang happy! Dreaming is the bestest balm for the soul.

Unicorns awaaaaay!!!

All my love,