Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today’s studio peek is into the creative goddess studio of Christine Mason Miller.

Christine Mason Miller is a Santa Monica – based Artist and Writer who loves making a creative mess, exploring the world and seeing where all her crazy ideas take her.

What do you create?

Layered collage creations with paint, vintage photos, old books and former collage creations that I’ve torn apart. I also like to create extraordinary journeys (although my journeys usually become extraordinary all on their own without much creative planning on my part), magical gatherings, outrageous dinner parties, a cozy home and deep friendships.

Where do you create?

This summer I am fortunate enough to be creating in a big open studio near Venice, California, but I’ve also been known to sketch in airports and make art in the woods.

When do you create?

Any time I can! Generally during the week at all times of the day, in between laundry, errands, meals and all the other usual responsibilities of life.

Why do you create?

I have been creating ever since I was a little girl, so this urge has been in me for as long as I can remember. I also create because I can! I am healthy, have the space, have the desire, and I want to take full advantage of all the opportunities I have to create and express myself.


Thank you so much gorgeous Goddess Christine for a peek into your shiny, stunning world.

To see more of Christine’s work + passion, ride a prancing horsey over thisaway pretty please.


Me loves you long time in ze most sacred of ways,