Hola my darling cakes!

It’s Monday! Wahooooooo! Goddess Journey Check-in day.

Goddess Journey day is the day we check in on our journeys, and the blessings & lessons that have been happening for us.

It’s the day we get to cosy up on a big purple couch with large mugs of tea, and connect-in and share about our journeys this week. It’s a little bit like coming home – to ourselves, and to each other. As always, you can share if you’re called in the Comments Circle.

I’m always glad when it’s a Goddess Journey check-in day. It’s like a little exhale of “aaaahhhhhh” and then a contented little sigh. Of course, that might be just me, but I likes it. 🙂

Gah! Website!

You might have noticed posting was a little bit lighter on this week. There’s two reasons for it: Gah! Leonie is trying to transfer her freaking hosting and it’s just not working! And two – well, that one is coming as a whole other challenge.

But anyway.

My beautiful Goddess Guidebook has outgrown its nest so I’ve been searching for a big, comfier, more spacious nest for it to sit in. So we can all come visit at once without the nest getting overcrowded and slow.
And I thought it would take an hour, but it hasn’t. It’s taken two weeks, and it’s still not working. And there’s lots I want to do and grow and create on this website, so I just want my new nest already! Gah!

On the happy side, I’ve enlisted a really sweet helper mouse to help with the re-nesting. Yay! Sweet helper mouse helping! And when this re-nesting is all done, I will be a happy, happy chirping Goddess Guidebooker. Nothing makes me happier than making beautiful space for you to be here. 🙂

And then… The Puke Fairy visited.

I really, really love fairies. But the Puke Fairy?

Not so much. Not so much at all. Not a fan at all.

So the last four days has been spent being “en-light-ened” the old fashioned way: puking it all out.

I have a sneaking suspicion it might – just might – have something to do with:
1. My lower immunity system at the moment.
2. A massive healing session last week where a whole lot of stuff was cleared.

I’m really glad I’m feeling so much better now. I’m also really glad that our roomie-at-the-mo Sone got to witness Leonie-at-not-her-hottest. Somehow, I think it’s deeepened our friendship. That’s what I keep telling her anyway.

End of the story is: Things have been all atumble and up in the air at Goddess Headquarters.

Moral of the story: I will be posting more times this week to make it up to you all. (Overcompensating, much?)

Ahhh, and the blessings. There’s always, always blessings.


I can’t stop thinking about my mediatioNap (A cross between a meditation and a nap. That’s right. I just made it up.). You know a mediationap was good when you keep thinking about it and smiling and thinking “goddang that meditationap was scrumptious.”

Oh hallowed nap of the best meditationap ever.

Cue story music:

So, it all started late yesterday afternoon. It was a Sunday. I decided I really, really needed to take some time out from working. I was still feeling rundown from the visit of the Puke Fairy. I was tired and grumpy and just plain exhausted. But my head was too a-spin to get comfortable and just rest.

Let me explain something: I don’t like afternoon naps. I tend to wake up all grumpy and disorientated because the nap didn’t last for my usual nine hours of slumber. I love the idea of them, but in practice, I’m not a great napper.
So I didn’t want to settle down for a fullblownsleepytime nap. I wanted to feel really rejuvenated, and I wanted to rest. I wanted to meditate without effort. And thus, the meditationap was born.

I tried lying down in bed. Bo-ring. I tried lying down on the couch. Nothing happened. So I got my Ipod and a furry blue blanket and went outside to the porch and laid down on the sunlounge, cocooning myself into my blanket. I put on some Holosync meditation music. Within three minutes, I couldn’t hold my head up anymore. I was too relaxed. I curled up in a ball, and lay there in the cool breeze with a smile on my face.

And there I drifted in and out of sleep and meditation for the next hour or more. It was utterly blissful. I was so relaxed.
Chris and the puppies came outside and gently woke me up when the sun had set. I stretched like a cat and mumbled


I’m not sure if it was fresh air or the sleeping outside or the Holosync or the not fully sleeping or meditating or the sun lounge or just the act of doing it was the key. Whatever it was, it was a miracle. It was a mediationap.

And that, girls and boys, was how a cranky, tired goddess who needed replenishing invented the meditationap. And it went out into the world and pretty soon everyone was meditationapping, and walking around with big blissed out comforted smiles on their faces saying “I just had the best meditationap ever.”

The End.

Holy idea making!

So after months of replenishing after the holy amazing Creative Goddess eCourse (now available as a home study option!), I’ve kind of got the inspiration for a new course. And it’s really, ultra exciting.

And it’s really different but with that same goddess flavour and fabulous shiny energy. It’s the thing I’ve always needed to learn.

So…. *gigglesnort* it’s still totally hush-hush for right now, but… I can’t keep secrets. And I’ll let you all know when it’s ready! Ark! Exciting! Yay!


I’ll talk more about this later – but I had one of the best healing sessions ever in the last week with the powerful-gentle-amazing Hiro Boga. Imagine your whole energy-house getting cleaned up by a compassionate grandmother, and you’re getting close to the holy amazingness of this.

It’s also a major blessing for me to be actually asking for help now. To be re-topping up my mug with some blessings and healings and wisdom from other teachers. It’s all making a big, big difference.

Phew. It’s been a big week.

I’m so glad we’re on this journey together.

Passing the Talking Stick

As always, feel free to take the talking stick and share about your Goddess Journey, blessings and challenges over the last week. You are so gently held.