So a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a big fat post on How to set up your website for your great big dream post. I know. It was long. There’s stuff to think about there. If you are still feeling a bit confused or overwhelmed, you might find it really useful to check out my sweet friend Wendy’s next  Web Creation Workshop. It could be your willy wonka golden ticket. Woo! Chocolate!

The workshop helps you set up your own website and empowers you with all the wisdom and woman-savvy you need to become mistress of your own domain (name). {hee hee}

The course is also about creating the business amazingness to go behind the website too. And they are sweet and soulful and allll about holistic, mindful business technology stuff. We love dat.

It’s a bit exxy but on the awesome side – it’s what you’d pay for one website design. This is like teaching you how to do your own scrumptious design so you can keep on doing it for you. You know the story –  give a man a fish, feed him for lunch (unless he’s vegetarian). Teach him how to fish, and he’ll eat forever (unless he’s vegetarian).

Luckily, websites are vegetarian-friendly anyway.

Anyway, I really, really want to see you make your awesome website for your incredible huge dream, so whatever is going to help you, dooooeeeeeet. Then send me your URL so I can slobber all over your website with reckless enthusiasm.

You can check out the Web Creation Workshop here – it starts May 13. Only a couple of days away! Wahoo!

Love you longtime,