Hola my darling cakes!

It’s Sunday! Wahooooooo! Goddess Journey Check-in day, the irregular weekly day we get to check in on our journeys, and the blessings & lessons that have been happening for us.

It’s the day we get to cosy up on a big purple couch with large mugs of tea, and connect-in and share about our journeys this week. It’s a little bit like coming home – to ourselves, and to each other. As always, you can share if you’re called in the Comments Circle.

I’m always glad when it’s a Goddess Journey check-in day. It’s like a little exhale of “aaaahhhhhh” and then a contented little sigh. Of course, that might be just me, but I likes it. 🙂

So. Holy dinger. Where’s Leonie?

This week has been massive + big + topped with elephant sized events. It’s been good, but like, woah! This week was the beginning of the Making Space for your Goddess to Shine e-course, so my days have been filled with amazing emails from amazing goddesses, and painting course materials (because boring black and white course notes are just not do-able in Leonie World), and just a whole clutch of other things that comes with birthing something this big.

There’s over a hundred goddesses course-ing it up, and a Goddess boat to sail, and all the other usual life stuff too. All things I adore doing, but together they come together to make one very big, busy week.

It’s almost coming up to some time for chill-out and retreat goodness.

And funnily enough, that’s just what the Universe has brought me.

Instant Vacation.

So I’ve been stressing about what I would ever do with my business if I ever went on holidays and couldn’t get internet access. And I figured that would be *months* away, but I started looking into getting a VA and making some lovely support systems anyway. Freedom to adventure, retreat, breathe and have beautiful life-journeys is so important to me, so I’ve been working on ways for my wonder-business to be able to support that.

My beautiful HMAS Goddess ship needs to be able to sail even when the captain goes and visits land for a while.

But yeah, months away. I thought I had time to get it happening.

And then something funny happened. Synchronicious and magical and blessed.

My beautiful big sister decided it was time for a life change. And in the space of three weeks, she has decided to move to England, has gotten a London job and a visa to go. It’s holy-macaroni perfect for her. It also means that I need to fly back to my homelands (Proserpine, in North Queensland) which is on the other side of Australia to see her before she leaves.

So I’ve booked my flights, and I’m jumping on a flight like, tomorrow.


It also means I’ve been working my goddess tooshie off to get all those support systems and VA goodness in place like *now* – not months away!

What this means.

If you’re enrolled in one of my courses, you are still going to get all your course materials at the same time.

And if you’re on the Making Space for your Goddess to Shine e-course, all your emails will be answered by the amazing Lisa.

And Lisa has also agreed to be my vacation-enabling-goddess-helper-mouse, so she’ll be helping out with all other urgent GoddessGuidebook.com enquiries too. Like YAY!

And blog posting will be the same – I’ve set them up to go out as well.

So pretty much – you’re going to be getting exactly the same service & goddess goodness as always.

Which is totally how it should work – the ship should still sail wonderfully even if the captain goddess is land-ahoying 🙂 Like YAY!

So it’s been a huge time making such a big shift in a short amount of time… but support systems are tiny, tiny angels with shiny wings. And it means I’m getting what I need, and you’re still getting what you need. YAY!

{What this also means is I’m posting this at midnight and still have things to do before bed. Woo!}

So the blessings. Big time blessings this week.

Instant holiday!

I adore my family. I adore my big sister. I adore going home to our farm.

And I’m over the moon excited that the stars are lining up so that I’ve synchronised a trip home at the same time as my little sister, and at the same time our gorgeous cousins converge on Proserpine for our annual family reunion.

So I’m looking forward to hanging out with my big, crazy, glorious, loving family.

I’m looking forward to campfires in the backyard.
Sushi on the beach.
Visiting the place Chris asked me to marry him only a few months ago.
Watching the sunset everyday over my mountains.
Visiting a little patch of land that some of my future dreams are planted on.
Seeing the sunrise over our paddocks.
Painting with fingers with my sweet niece and nephew.
Cuddling Vinnie our farm dog.
Sleeping in our big wooden farm house again.
Being surrounded by wide, open, green fields. (I really shouldn’t be living in the city… the country calls my name much too much!)
Seeing my horsies! Planting my face in their neck and breathing in their sweet horse smell.

Being back in the place I was born, surrounded by the people I look like and who I love the most.

Being back in the place that is my homeland, my heartland – the place that is in my cells and my being and my internal landscape. It is what made me who I am.

Back to a little bit of space, a little bit of time, a little bit of everything that is important to me.

It’s going to be good.
It already is good.

Passing the Talking Stick

So that’s where I’m at, dearheart. Hovering, diving, swimming, singing… off back to the turquoise lands that call me so. I will be returning July 1st… but the Goddess ship will still be sailing 🙂

As always, feel free to take the talking stick in the Comments Circle and share about your Goddess Journey, blessings and challenges over the last week. You are so gently held.

Love, bunnies, hugs, holidays, woah, big, awesomeness, and most of all love,