Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today, I wanted to celebrate the journey we’ve had over the last year or so together ~ with a little something called

Goddess Leonie’s Top 9 of 2009.

Except it would be 2008, but take that numbers! We do not kow-tow to your logic! This post I’ll be doing the unheard of, and choosing my favourites of all my post-children. These are the posts that were like signposts for me – of change, love, beauty, soul and transformation throughout my year. They were the posts that touched me and touched you and touched Charlie the Happy Healer Dog. I reserve the right to be unabashedly teary throughout this. I’m a hopeless reminiscer.

Giving Yourself Permission
That time we gave ourselves Permission to Create – with a rainbow, shimmering permission slip. Signed by our mums, and all our angels.

Creative Goddess Meditation Video
*sniff* This was the second time we connected via video. I’ve kept it in our relationship keepsake box. The one that holds all your comments and all our connections and miracles. It’s like keeping ticket stubs from our first date. Remember how we did this a-mazing meditation together about the ocean? *sniff*

One Wild, Brave Thing
Remember that day we talked about our One Wild, Brave Things? It was like the second date of total soul connection thing. But on the internet. And we’d already been dating a while. But it was still completely and utterly special to me.

Where Love Meets The Sea
The day my Sage Man and I got engaged. In the ocean. As mer-people do.

Abundant Goddess: Sacred Pricing
I adored writing this guide to soulful pricing for your divine art, goodly goods and sacred services.

Creative Goddess Fear: But what if someone thinks my art/singing/tapdancing/creative magnificence thing sucks?
Yup. We went there. And we soul-spa-ed that Creative Goddess Fear into submission.

One Little No in a Sea of Yeses
Sometimes, all you need is a little reminder.

10 Ways to Fly beyond Creative Dream Fears & Frustrations
That’s a pretty comprehensive title right there. All I can add, is there is a pretty picture for it too. Oh, and that I wrote this list for myself when I was totally stuck in Creative-Frustration mud. I wrote it to find the rope out of it. And it worked, so I shared it. 🙂

Sacred Goddess: Accepting all parts of ourselves
We’re funny human beanies. With all kinds of incongruous parts. Parts that don’t make sense together. Parts that totally deserve to be love and accepted.

Healer Goddess artwork
Because inside each of us, there is a woman and an amazing healer.

And that was totally just ten posts there. Like I said, TAKE THAT numbers logic! We have no concern for you here in this happy-silly-art making-goddess temple!

I’m wishing you a ravishing, ridiculously good day,

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