Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I want to write to you everyday. Well, most days at least.
And then my amazingly busy business takes my attention and energy. I didn’t think about the busy-ness of business until now. There’s been Goddess Guidance coaching & reading sessions. And late night calls to my business coach. And videos and meditations and ebooks to create for the Creative Goddess eCourse. (And yes, you can still enroll – I get asked that everyday. So, yes, yes, yes, you can still enroll at the moment! I’d love to have you along on the journey.) And then there’s the communing, circle, connecting and creating with the amazing, splendiforous Goddesses who are in the e-Course’s Goddess Circle. And then the 100+ emails I get everyday which need attention.

All of a sudden, things have gotten big.

The O Word.

So, this week, I was speaking with a business coach. I said:

Things have gotten big lately. Like crazy busy.And it’s completely wonderful, and I love love love doing this work, and it’s my dream come true. But I just can’t shake this feeling that I’m carried around.

And then, I realised I was feeling the O word.


Her response helped me find so much clarity with where I am at.

Oh sweetie, (I love that I have a business coach who calls me by terms of endearment) of course you are feeling overwhelmed. Things just got biggified, and you love it, but right now you don’t have support structures in place to help you glide. They will come in time. Right now, it’s okay to feel overwhelmed.

*Insert big, long, exxxhale from Leonie*

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed right now.

And it’s okay to want to make sweet love to support systems.

Support systems are my new crush. My superhero with a cape come to save me from the O word.

So what do I mean when I say “support systems”?

Is that some kind of fru-fru-hippy-loo-lah speakology?

Well, yes and no.

Here’s my little list of what support systems mean for me.

1.}  Divine Delegation
So I now look at all the things I need to do, and work out what I can get someone else to help me with. And what I’m learning along the way, is that when I let go of the grips of Doing It All My Self, I’m creating space for other people to add their energy and their gifts to my dream. And it’s *wonderful*

For example, all my meditation MP3s are now produced and mixed by my love. After spending 6 hours goofing off, sobbing and getting utterly frustrated over trying to make my own, I enlisted my ex-audio engineering honey to do it for me. He’s happy, and loves using his talents in that way. And I’m a much, much happier person.

I’ve also delegated all my web design work out. The way I see it – my time is much better spent doing the things I do best and adore doing, then struggling on something that is out of my realm. Yay!

2.} Happy, Happy Automation
I’m starting to automate all the things I can for the small, little tasks that build up. This means using AWeber to handle all my email subscriptions, so I don’t have to manage my hilariously out-of-control Excel spreadsheet anymore – and it also makes sure everyone who wants their Goddess email is getting their email. Yay! Feeling breathier than before.

I’m also looking into using e-Junkie to help manage my wild and wonderful course materials. Double Yay!

3.} Having a support network
I’ve known that circles and communities create miracles. When you have a group of people that share the same intention, amazing things happen. I’ve been part of a gorgeous online group (the SARK Forum) for years now. It’s brought me huge joyful blessings, including meeting two of my besties there. And now, since my life has become so hugely focussed on my busy busi-ness and living my soul’s purpose, I knew it was time to find another group to help me navigate these new waters. And I serendipitiously found the place that was right for me. A place where I could fritz and fret, then find my way back to business balance. Support networks rock. Yay!

You are most welcome to use me as a Goddess test-bunny.

And whatever I learn, you can totally use.
So the Cliff Notes of Goddess Leonie’s Massive Life Research Lessons this week is:

1. It’s okay to feel both overwhelmed AND happy when you are doing your soul’s purpose, your big dream or your life (henceforth known as “your Stuff”).
2. Is there someone else who can help you with your Stuff? What are the things you do best? Who could add energy, talents, gifts to your Stuff?
3. Can you eliminate or automate the little things that take up your time?
4. Can you find or develop some support networks of souls who have a similar intention?

End of the Story.

Anyway, what I really want to say through all of this…
is I want to create a place of support for you here.
A cushion, a velvet couch in a temple devoted to joy, wisdom, laughter and our Goddess selves. A place to return to to remember yourself and your beautiful life and your precious souls.
So I’m making things happen to make that happen.

So gorgeous Goddesses, I am so glad to have you here, sharing this amazing journey with me. As always, you can claim the talking stick in the Comments Circle and share about your journey.

I’m wishing you the most precious, luminous day,

Yes! You can still enrol! Six weeks of magic, creativity, inspiration and Goddess discovery await you in the Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle.