dearest rikki, marika,
woman of the mermaid hair,
the avalon grace,
the ethereal air.

your warm smile, hands, embrace, words.

i shared these pictures with my spirit*mentor.
she drew a finger softly over your face and said:
this woman has known sadness, but she also knows joy.

and you do. you beautiful, beautiful woman.

i wish for you to see yourself as we see you,
as the great goddess sees you and loves you.

you are a treasure to know.

as we sat beneath the tree, i asked you what you wanted from the photos.
you spoke in the gentle voice of yours, with the familiar smile not far behind:

i want to have photos of me i like.
oh, and i like ethereal.

you made me giggle.
and then you made me gasp.
as i saw you behind the lens, i began seeing you as being the epitome of that.

you were gweneviere, you were princess and priestess,
you were long ago and in the moment.
your eyes saw celtic lands i did not see.
mists rolled through.
i do not know if you knew, but i kept breaking into smiles, gasping as you BECAME you.

it was a miracle indeed.

thank you for revealing, showing, baring your ethereal you~ness with the world.

in love,