leigh, nixie, phoenix,
how do i speak of you?

i will start from the only place i know:
right now.

right now a bracelet adorns my wrists. a buffalo bangle. and in that sphere, that glint of silver, of animals racing through, SO MUCH is said. so much lives in me now from meeting you, knowing you, hearing your words. your words on your blog, in letters, on message boards, and finally in voice. now your words echo in me. the gifts, lessons, all soaked in companssion, kindness, love and wisdom.

what do i write of you, my dear dear friend?

you have taught me many lessons ~ more lessons and in a different way than any other has. your words spoke to my heart. i ruminate and sift through the lessons there. you gave me a box filled with shells, light, knowings, intentions, and i discover this box now. i discover even more of me.

i thank you for living your life. just the way you do it.

and i know i’m not alone in my journey anymore. i am learning to see the intentions in other’s journeys now, before the actions.

love you,


p.s it was such a pleasure to capture your essence in film. divine essence it is.