Celebrating me for being me.

Thanking the little girl inside me.

Thanking my parents for nurturing her and loving her with all they could.

And for me, for taking care of her as much as I can.

Go me!

Me for being

silly but courageous

loyal and intense


artistic and thoughtful

and me for growing into

exactly what I wanted to be

Sometimes in the shower I crouch down

and me and lil Leonie have a little yack

about how we think I’m turning out

she’s a determined lil one

such a dreamer

we have so much in common

Shared memories of reading until midnight ~ getting lost in books

long hot summers spent drawing and creating and seeking refuge from the heat

on a horse’s back

and by a dog’s side

by rivers

and in fields

We are little bush girls

tomboys but romantics

Tonight I honour the sacred little girl inside of me.

Yay for Goddess #1 ~ Lil Leonie.