She is wildish, deeply sentimental,
has earth beneath her nails,
and is at home beneath the sky.

She is vivacious,
gently speaks of her truth,
and fills her house with vases of roses.

Dragonflies and butterflies flit out from the tangles that are her hair.
She evokes the energy of Gaia, earth mama goddess.

She is the goddess of the garden,
the womyn who dances barefoot in all of us
whether we walk on cow trodden paths in the morning before the heat comes,
or tend to flowers in windowsills as we gaze out onto the street below.

She is love,
she is the tender moment,
the sweet smelling of roses
at dawn.

she is where the wild things are
inside us.
where the kangaroos stride
the buffalo run
the elephants, the bears,
the winged ones.
she is the wolf,
and she is the most delicate of petals.


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