finally… the long awaited day…

my first {of many to come} Monday at home as an artist.

on sunday night i had butterflies and nervous energy… it’s the big one ya know – stepping into the job of your dreams. i fretted over what i would do, how i would fill my time, what if i got artist’s block. i even giggled with chris that i worried what my boss (i.e. me) would be like… would she let me take lunch breaks?

the morning arrives.
i wake early. eat a cheese roll and scrummy new yogurt for breakfast.
do some tai chi for 20 minutes.
finish up some digital illustrations.
smudge my studio to free up the energy {it worked a treat}.
meditated in front of my SEED altar {thank you SEED HANDBOOK}
lit some candles, burnt some wildflower essential oil
and got to “work”… referencing my lil book of doodles, i began two mermaid paintings… and finished up Goddess of the Garden.
at lunch i cycled up to the post office to send off some client pieces,
and felt like a *hero*

my first day as an artist.
it was simple and balanced and good.

i know there is so much more to come on this journey…
but i have begun.
i will rejoice in that for a while… i have BEGUN.
no matter what the fears or the what ifs –
they are incomparable to the what if i hadn’t leapt.

leaping leonie

“Use what talent you possess – the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.
~ Henry Van Dyke