Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Well, it’s a dinkingly gorgeous day here in Australia… albeit a little cool for a spring day… and the afternoon is begging for a nap. But first… Goddess School begins *tomorrow!*… and I’m getting a whole bundle of emails with questions. So I’ve made up an essential Goddess School FAQ list… just in case you had the same questions/fears/worries 🙂

* How will the courses be run?

Every week I will send out by email access to all the course materials for the week. You’ll be able to listen to the MP3 meditations, watch the videos, do the projects & participate in the Goddess School course circles at whatever time is delicious for you. For goddesses signed up to the VIP packages with coaching included, we will work out a time during the six weeks that I can call you (and Lisa to call you as well if you are in the Making Space for your Goddess to Shine e-course).

* If I’m not enrolled at Goddess School, can I still check out the Goddess School HQ?

Absolutely. Just head on over to http://goddessschool.ning.com and request membership. I’ll approve it. And you’re welcome to connect with the other goddesses there, and hang out at the Meadow message board, and check out all the rainbow turquoise delights there :). You just won’t be able to access the Course Circles unless you are enrolled.

So you are welcome to visit, play, connect and find out if it’s a beautiful space for yourself. It’s all, all good 🙂

* I know someone who would really adore this course. Can I buy the course as a gift to them?

Absolutely, sweet soul. Just email me (support@leoniedawson.com) to arrange! Yay

* If I’ve already bought either of your e-courses before, do I need to buy them again to enrol?

No, you don’t sweetpea. For Term 1, all Goddesses who have previously bought the Creative Goddess e-course or the Making Space for your Goddess to Shine e-course get free access to the course circles. I wanted to do this just so you can re-use your course materials, finish any projects you didn’t get to before and connect with other goddesses who are on the same journey.

To enrol, you just need to head over to http://goddessschool.ning.com, request membership, and then join the group for the e-courses you have signed up for. Hurray!

And because I’m asked this one so many times, and I really want every goddess to know about this one:

If you’ve already signed up for one of my e-courses, you can get access to the Goddess School, and do the course again during Term 1. For free. All you need to do is request access and it’s done. Like a red sea being parted. Hurrah!

* If I sign up for a VIP package (that includes coaching by phone), how does it work? Do I call you?

Nope, that’s all taken care of from my end. Hurrah! We’ll either arrange to talk by Skype (if you have it), or I’ll call you – wherever you are in the world. It’s all good. It’s included in the price, sweetie!

* Is there an minimum age limit for Goddesses to enrol?

No, there’s not. I’ve previously had 13 year old goddesses enrolled in the Creative Goddess e-course. Other than that, it’s up to you and what you are called to.

* What support will I get at Goddess School?

Loads and loads – to help you stay inspired on your journey! In your private course circles, you’ll be able to connect with other goddesses on the same course and journey as you. There are also three goddess tutors to help and support you – they’ve all done the e-courses before, and will be there to help hold the space and make it even more magical, loving and inspired. And I’ll be there, and Lisa will also be at the Making Space for your Goddess to Shine class circle – and we’ll be there to provide support and guidance.

It was uber important for me to make Goddess School as supportive as possible for all the goddesses attending, so it’s just lovely to have all these precious systems in place to make your journey as enriching, nourishing, positive and goddess-like as possible. Yay!

* When’s the very last day to enrol?

Term 1 begins Monday September 28 (if you are an Aussie, course materials will probably come through in the afternoon).

I’ll keep enrolments open until Wednesday for any late stragglers, but if you’re called to being a part of the Goddess School, the best time to enrol is now – so you can get settled in time for the first day! Yay!

Just head over to the Goddess School page to check out what goddess e-course you might be called to doing this term 🙂

And questions specifically about the Creative Goddess e-course:

* How much time can you expect to spend doing the Creative Goddess course?

If your time is stretched, you can participate in the course using two hours a week… or if you get really into it, you can keep on going. There’s enough in the course to get you filled up and inspired for two hours, right through to however much time you’d love to spend on it. It’s the magic expanding course that works with your energy. The important thing is to do it, and be able to do it in the time that works for you.

I know our lives can be so busy, with some weeks more than others, so the course materials are bundled and given to you so you can save them for later & use at any time that works for you.
Imagine that we’ll be meeting up for connection, creativity, inspiration & a big mug of tea for an hour or two each week. Time for you to come home to yourself. Time to experience the beauty of creativity. Time to meditate,  connect, create, and be overcome with joy at the sight of paint on your fingers.

And if you’re worried about not having enough time & not being able to dive fully into the course – a couple of hours spent in creativity is about a thousand times better than none. It can fill you up with inspiration, energy & bliss like nothing else.

For those who want to get *really* into the course, you can do that too…. and work on whatever calls you each time. Whatever is perfect for you right now, is perfect.

* Do you recommend doing the course with friends or family members?

If you can – yes! I’ve been so excited & delighted about all the friends, mamas, daughters & sisters signing up to do my courses together before and now. I love that besties from across the world are enrolled to participate together, to share the experience of creativity & soulful inspiration to bring them even closer together. I love that mamas & daughters are enrolled to connect even more deeply – both mamas with teenage daughters at home, and mamas with grown up daughters who live across the country. I love that sisters are joining up to create together as a way of connecting, talking, growing & loving together. I love love love this. And I love that my own mama has done the Creative Goddess e-course with me. Magical times must ensue.

You do need to buy two enrolments – but just email me, and I’ll let you know a happy bonus price for signing up as an awesome twosome 🙂

* What art supplies will you need for the Creative Goddess e-Course?

First and foremost, I’m not an art supply snob. I’m kind of the opposite of. It’s so much more important to me to actually do it – create – and have fun with it – than worry about what I need to buy this week. My art supplies consist of a box of student’s acrylics – all different brands – all picked up from the cheapest places possible. A packet of half broken oil pastels and chalk pastels that I was given when I was 16 {ten years ago} that are still going strong. A box of wrapping paper from presents received that I keep for collage. A stash of old magazines from ones I’ve read, and some ancient National Geographics I bought at an op shop/vintage cheap shop for twenty for $3. A box of string, sequins and other stuff I pick up here and there. A few feathers that I’ve found on walks. Half run out ink pens and students PVA glue from the newspaper shop. And paper offcuts and cheap canvasses from wherever I find them. As I said – art is supposed to be FUN. It’s not supposed to make you have a mini-freak out about an extensive art supplies list. I’ve been gathering the above over the last ten years, and it’s really superflous to what I really need to make art.

This is *not* a painting course – we will be working in lots of different projects & mediums, so the supply list includes paint because it can be used in so many ways. We’ll be exploring sacred creativity in loads of different ways including journalling, collage, sculpture & mixed media. And if you’ve got a medium you really love working in or supplies, you can totally use them and adapt the project to them. YAY!

So, with that in mind, here’s the totally extensive art supplies list of what you’ll need for the course:

* Some paint.
 Because paint is fun and it is bright and can be used in a thousand different ways for a thousand different things.
You can pick up a set of watercolour, acrylic or gouache tubes cheaply.
I recommend student’s acrylic because you can water it down to make it watercoloury, or keep it fairly opaque so you can layer it like oil paint.
Even picking up a six tubes of your favourite colours works great. Get it from wherever is cheapest or happiest for you. And go go the student’s acrylics – you don’t need the expensive professional artist’s acrylics. Anything that makes you afraid about using it is not fun or good for the soul.

* Something to paint with i.e. brushes.
You need two brushes – one thick, one thin. Ignore the brushes made out of exotic animals with different textured hairs. Go for the big pack of five for $2. Because it’s FUN.

* Something to paint on.
You can use office paper. Or cardboard. Or cheap artist’s canvasses. It’s not important. What’s important is you – beautiful you – giving yourself the time and space to create. Because you can. And it will make you feel inspired and shining and amazing.

* Extra stuff.
 Keep old magazines and newspapers and scraps of coloured paper (wrapping paper… hello Christmas) for collage. I’m a big fan of using what’s around you :).
There’ll be a project or two where you get to find natural materials to use as well. YAY!

* What creative medium will we be creating in?

The Creative Goddess eCourse will include projects in a range of creative mediums, including collage, painting, journalling, drawing, scrapbooking and sculpture. You can also elect to do some extra creating including dance and photography. Basically – it’s about getting you to unleash your Creative Goddess in all kinds of creative ways, and trying out new mediums you might not have tried before. If you’ve got any special requests for mediums, just ask, and I’ll see if I can include. And please don’t worry about requiring lots of equipment or materials for this course – you can adapt the mediums to work for you. This course is less about creating one specific thing in one specific way, and more about discovery, sacred exploring, soulful creating and going where your Creative Goddess energy is calling you!

And questions on the *Making Space for your Goddess to Shine e-course*

* How will the course be delivered?

All the course materials are digital ebooks (PDFs) and meditatations (MP3s). You’ll be given access to downloading them to use on your computer and MP3 players. All you will need is a free copy of Adobe Reader, and any kind of MP3 software (iTunes, RealPlayer etc – these usually come with your computer). You’ll also have access to your private Goddess School class circle where you can share your journey with other Goddesses on the same journey, and be supported by me and Lisa, the co-creator of this course.

* What if the course doesn’t work for me?

If you don’t really adore our course in the first 30 days, we’re so happy to refund your money. We want you to feel safe and happy in knowing this is the right thing for you.

* My house is a freaking mess. Like – terrible. I don’t even want to think about it. Will this really help?

If you are a little bit ready to change it, we can help you. Lisa will be guiding you to clear your space gently and easily, and help you create habits that will nourish you and your space. And Leonie will show you her magical woo-woo ways to energetically clearing your home and helping it to sparkle. If you’re ready to sign up for the course, that’s a good sign that you are ready to make your home shiny… and let yourself be shiny in the process.

(Also: Leonie’s home has been described as “warm messy” by friends. There is hope for all of us if there is hope for Leonie.)

* My house is already really tidy. I’m a total neat freak. Would I get anything from this course?

The Making Space for your Goddess to Shine e-course is about much more than just making your home clean. It’s about making it a space that sustains, nourishes, supports and inspires you. You’ll learn a whole new toolbelt of techniques to make your home a soulful, supportive place of energy for you. Crystal gridding gloriousness? Tick. Altar amazingness? Tick. Sacred sound clearing? Tick. Sacred smudging? Tick. Deeply intuiting, sensing, cleansing and energising your home? Tick. That’s a lot of ticks.

Speaking of ticks, Leonie has only ever had one. She found it on her leg when she was holidaying after she rolled around in the grass with a stray dog. Kinda ick, but would she do it again? Absolutely. Anyway. Ticks are good. But you might be kinda freaked out by this if you’re a neat freak. I’m sorry. Why am I sharing this story again? What I meant to say was: If you are a neat freak, you are going to find this course absolutely glorious.

Okly dokly!

I think that’s them all sweetpea – I hope this helps with any questions you’ve had lingering in the back of your mind. If you’ve got any more, please just let me know – by comments, or email, and I’ll do my very best to help :).

Off to go love this beautiful day just for it being what it is!

And so hope to see you over at Goddess School if your spirit is calling you!

Big love,